New beginnings pregnancy massage at Seckford Spa Suffolk

It’s been such an up and down ride this year for many reasons. Mostly due to the fact that I’ve been pregnant for the majority of it! I decided to take Paul to Seckford Hall’s Spa for his birthday last month which we really enjoyed. We both had mini treatments which left me wanting more. So, I went back by myself a few weeks later after being kindly invited to try the New Beginnings pregnancy massage at Seckford Spa Suffolk.

This spa is located just outside of Ipswich so not far at all from my mother’s doorstep. Since I’ve been spending most weeks in Suffolk, I made the appointment soon after my previous visit. The spa is so lovely with an honest country feel. The conservatory is a place where you can sit back and have a tea and cake if you’re not a spa goer and just watch the world go by. Many weddings take place at Seckford Hall, and it’s not difficult to see why from the stunning facade and views.

The swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi are located on the ground floor of the spa, while all the beauty treatments such as massages, pedicures and facials are on the floor above.

The ‘New Beginnings’ treatment (£60) is suitable for pregnant women who are 16 weeks and over- I was definitely over this point last month! The treatment is designed to help restore balance and, much like all massages, helps to relax the mind and body.

For the treatment, I lay on both sides to allow my masseuse access either side of my body in turn. She focused on going from my shoulder down to my upper leg, then repeated on the other side. I had a pillow between my legs, as is natural for most pregnant women to feel comfy when laying this way.

We moved onto the lower legs and feet which I just loved- it’s tough not being able to reach that far down anymore! I was on my back for this, though you can have the bed adjusted so you are more propped up if you get short of breath or dizzy if horizontal. The last part was my neck and shoulders- we put some oil on the belly too but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. 

The products used were from Temple Spa- I loved the aromatherapy resting cream called ‘Repose’ (£40) used at the beginning and end of the treatment.

The New Beginnings pregnancy massage at Seckford Spa Suffolk was a much needed piece of bliss. If you are searching for a great spa around East Anglia that offers treatments during pregnancy, this one should be top of your list to try!

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A very blobby birthday to me

This is going to be a super light post, mainly because it wasn’t supposed to be on my blog schedule, and the fact that it’s my birthday! I have had more than a few thoughts about my pregnancy and all the photos I’ve been taking to document my changing body these past 8 months. Legs, bum, boobs in particular have expanded and stretched beyond anything I could ever imagine… and I’m ok with that. It has been a great first pregnancy, and I am now in the final days just waiting and waiting for something to happen. In my mind, it almost doesn’t feel like anything is about to change, but of course it will! Before I go into labour, I wanted to put this out there so you can see a month by month play as it were. For those who aren’t aware, Blobby is my baby. So raise a glass for me today as I reach the grand old age of 27- a very blobby birthday to me indeed! Enjoy the snaps…

Weeks 5-13

Weeks 14-22

Weeks 23-31

Weeks 32-40

Now the final stretch is in sight, I want to thank all my friends, family and readers for being there in the form of a text, tweet and visit throughout my pregnancy.

Blobby, it’s been real, but seriously now, get out!

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Those final days of pregnancy

Those final days of pregnancy are to be frank, pretty crap. Not just because you’re feeling tired, stressed out, unprepared and all of the above already- what makes things even worse is if you think you have an idea on when your baby will arrive, and then it doesn’t. It’s a crazy time, you’re about to enter an unknown world with a million possible outcomes you just cannot predict. Worries of ‘will my baby be healthy and normal?’ are floating around in your head and you just can’t push the doubts of ‘am I able to do this?’ from your mind. I have found my pregnancy to be a fairly good one up to this point, but I’m ready to admit that I am just a little bit fed up now.

I’m sleeping well and eating great. No issues in any way health wise. The only problem is, it’s the anticipation that’s really getting to me. I don’t know if my waters will break at any moment, or if I’ll be needing to make an appointment next week to kickstart things once I reach the overdue stage. I have been telling myself for 8 months that I won’t go past my due date, and that’s part of the reason why I think I’m starting to get disheartened with only a few days to go till I reach the 40 week mark.

So, while I have frequent meltdowns and shout at my sister for no reason, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the importance of making as much time as possible for yourself in those final days of pregnancy.

nspa Mum to be gift box- £10* 

The nspa collection at Asda have a wonderful mum to be range. Whether you are currently expecting or would like to find a gorgeous gift for a mum to be, here’s a little bit about the range:

The nspa mum to be collection has been created for your special time (goodness knows I need it this week!). The collection of naturally inspired cruelty free products will help take care of the changing needs of your skin not only during pregnancy but as a new mum too.

Taking the time to relax and de-stress is key, as is ensuring your skin is kept silky soft, supple and in great condition throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Not only does the range allow you to look after your skin during this life and body changing time, it also provides an escape that you can count on to help your inner well-being.

I have found that time to myself with my baby is so important. Bonding with your growing baby while it’s still living inside you is a useful tool to keep your mind strong and focused before labour begins.

The aromas from the nspa beautiful mum gift box have really helped me during those final days of pregnancy. Keep your fingers crossed for me that this baby arrives before my due date! If you have any more tips then leave them in the comments below!

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