Autumn wardrobe sorted for under £200!

So I wanted to write a post about getting that awesome autumn wardrobe on a budget. I know a lot of us out there are struggling with big city living costs but still want to look fabulous.
I will show you how I got a whole new autumn wardrobe for under £200 which includes dresses, a skirt, jumper, trousers, a bag and a pair of boots!
First stop- Bond Street. It was a miserable train journey home one afternoon, and after series of cancellations, I decided to go for a wander to let the trains get back to normal. I wasn’t on a mission for a new wardrobe, but I somehow ended up getting off at Bond Street and following the crowd to Primark.
I have found Primark to be hit and miss over the years. Sometimes I find the most amazing things in there, and other times I come out very disappointed. I think that this last venture has outdone itself, I adored the pieces from the AW collection which I found after only being in there for an hour. They have the perfect autumn purples and oranges everyone is looking for. Here are the pieces I bought:
Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 18.49.09
This is such a staple piece at the moment, I adore it! I personally am loving brown and black right now, so here is how I styled this up!
These boots I also nabbed from Primark at a great price. These are wide fit chelsea boots so super comfy and make your ankles look slimmer too! The website don’t have them in tan but here is the boot in black:
Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 18.54.56
Carrying on with the suede madness, I picked up a suede dress too with eyelet detail on the straps. Really retro and looks great for work if you put a blouse underneath it:
Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 18.48.46
Next up, the bag! This photo really doesn’t do this beauty justice. Its front pannel you see in the photo is monochrome check, but the sides are a beautiful brown so perfect when wanting to mix blacks and browns! Also, a fabulous price no? You can see the brown detail in my photo where I am wearing the suede skirt above!
Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 18.55.30
Now these 2 dresses I couldn’t find on the website, so I had an excuse to do a photoshoot in my hallway 🙂
This purple suede dress is £13 from the AW Primark collection, such a steal! I paired it with a leaf necklace and suede boots from Fashion Prescription
Next up, more purple! Again same price and from Primark again, only this one has full sleeves and lace detail on the shoulder
Now let’s move onto a new fav of mine, Lindex. I went to the opening of their new store in Westfield earlier on in the week and fell in love with so many pieces. Lindex is a Swedish brand but now are opening up several stores across London, I really recommend checking them out as their stuff is killer but the price isn’t! I got myself a beautiful orange jumper, a pair of crop trousers and best for last, a black shirt dress with lace up front for just £20!
Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 18.59.58Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 19.00.35
So there you have it, a whole new autumn collection I am loving right now for under£200. You can mix and match virtually all these pieces depending on your own personal style and of course the weather!
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