Joe Blogs Network at Go Ape!

Last month I had an absolute blast with a company called the Joe Blogs Network. After hearing about the network through Twitter I decided to sign up and see what they were all about. The network, made up of professional bloggers, aims to bring bloggers and brands together through the web. They put a lot of effort into planning really unexpected events, and this is how I found myself at Trent park one Sunday flying through the trees!
The Joe Blogs Network teamed up with for the day and took us to the Trent Park Go Ape course for a fun-filled day! You can check out their take on the event here plus a snap of my bootiful behind!


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My brand new Ice Fox (similar to a GoPro) had arrived just for the occasion, and so I decided to test it out as I geared up for a thrill seeking adventure.

After our safety briefing from George, we headed to the first site and we got climbing! I had been on a similar Go Ape course in Thetford, but this one is much bigger and the swings are longer. It was really fun trying out the zip wires and crawling through tunnels up in the canopy, the day was beautiful and the atmosphere amongst fellow bloggers was fantastic. I really do recommend trying it out for yourself when you get the chance!

We were up there for about 4 hours in total, I was ready to de- harness as we made it to the final zip wire. I must say I was impressed with my landings, I was glad to meet the leaf covered floor with my feet rather than my back!

We were treated to a lovely cup of tea and sandwiches after touching back down to ground and we then had the chance to play Kong: The 8th Wonder slot game affiliated with This is a free game compatible with smart phones where you bet and play by spinning- check it out here! We all had a timed competition to see who had the most money left at the end.

Last but not least, I’m sure you’d all love to see my footage from the IceFox of us monkeying around on our #BgoApe adventure, so enjoy!

Shout outs to all the bloggers featured in the video- Erin, Jess, Liza, Emma, Mollie, Tee, Chynna, Monica & Becs xxx

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  1. Manikreigun 16 October, 2015 / 3:33 pm

    Great post! I was actually waiting for your bgoape video to show up, awesome shots! 🙂

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