Let’s do lifestyle with Essence of Arcadia

For me, a blog has to be whatever you want it to be. Some bloggers like to stick to one route such as travel or beauty. But I like to change it up depending on the companies that I reach out to, or who reach out to me. A few weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely company- Essence of Arcadia. They wanted me to try out one of their diffuser sets with essential oils. I have never done anything like this before, but after reading up on their website I found that I just had to review their products! So, let’s do lifestyle with Essence of Arcadia!

essence of arcadia logo

I live with my partner Paul in an East London flat. It’s great for us with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, but the living room is always something which has been lacking in the space department. It is a joined kitchen and living room so we just have a dining room table, a sofa and the TV. About a year ago, we took a trip to Ikea and bought some fabulous shelves to go up on the TV wall with sleek glass doors, but due to life and other stuff we have only just got round to putting them up! Needless to say this was the perfect time to get a diffuser now we have a brand new feel to our living area.

Essence of Arcadia saharasplash_-12

A bit about the Essence of Arcadia products. You have the option to buy 2 diffusers on their website- a lovely crystal effect diffuser which is golden and looks like this:

crystal image- essence of arcadia

Or a round flat pebble design which has a smooth wood effect, this is the one I went for and is pictured below:

pebble image essence of arcadia


The diffuser comes with a set of three different oils- I got eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender in my box, though if you want to go oil crazy you can also buy the oils separately from the site. These can be used not just with the diffuser, but you can add a few drops to your bath to create a similar environment.

Essence of Arcadia saharasplash_-9 Essence of Arcadia saharasplash_-10

I put the diffuser on our newly-built shelves, and am so happy with how great it looks! I am now on the hunt for some more wooden features to put on the opposite side!

Essence of Arcadia saharasplash_-6

The diffuser is super easy to use, all you need is water and your essential oil of choice and you’re set! I also love how the diffuser has a lighting option too so you can have a lovely scent and a warm glow to go with it.

Essence of Arcadia saharasplash_-3

The mist slowly escapes from the top of the pebble, and we have tried out all 3 oils now. My favourite is the lavender with its relaxing properties; it’s just perfect after a hard day at work to put on and unwind.

Essence of Arcadia saharasplash_

I’d really recommend getting the diffuser as well as a choice of your favourite oils- I’m quite keen to try out the Cinnamon flavour next

Essence of Arcadia saharasplash_-5

If you’re looking for a beautiful feature for your home, Essence of Arcadia is definitely something to add to your shopping list!

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If you like this lifestyle post, check out what happened at Niche gluten free restaurant this month!


I received this product for free for my honest opinion and review

The only way is Niche

For coeliacs and those who are gluten free, it sometimes sucks when all you’re craving is a gorgeous burger or some fried chicken. Even living in one of the world’s most popular cities sometimes has its limitations when it comes to living gluten free. It’s not easy when you’re out unless you have scoped out the area you are travelling to to see what’s about. So here’s where Niche comes in. Located just a 5 minute walk from Angel, Niche is a completely gluten free restaurant. I want to tell you all about my visit there and why, for me, the only way is Niche!
So we (my partner in crime Paul) arrived for around 7.30 and were immediately seated near the window. It is a quaint place that can seat around 25 people. The lighting is relaxed and chilled and the music is lovely so it’s a perfect place to take your gluten free bestie or your partner.
The only way is niche saharasplash_-11
The menu is laid out on the table so you can begin to feast your eyes over all the possibilities as soon as you are seated. I went straight in for the starters and ordered the Parmesan and cheddar doughnuts. As I said, fried food is a tough one to find as a coeliac! Paul had the soup of the day which was tomato.
The only way is niche saharasplash_ The only way is niche saharasplash_-2 The only way is niche saharasplash_-3
Both were really lovely and flavoursome and the presentation flawless- we each paired the starters with homemade lemonade. For the mains, I had to go for the Cheeseburger with extra avocado. It’s not every day I get to order a burger with the bun! It was so beautiful when it came out, I didn’t want to eat it… but I did 😉 Paul had a fantastic sausage and mash- I nipped a bite from his plate too, it would be rude not to sample his dish!
The only way is niche saharasplash_-4
By this time we were both feeling full as the generous portion sizes settled, but I had my eye and heart set on ordering a cheesecake and so that’s what I did. The passion fruit cheesecake was lovely. Sadly my dessert was far too much for me to finish it all off after the first 2 courses, but somehow Paul polished off his chocolate brownie with ease. I must say that both desserts were delightful and I wished I could have finished mine!
The only way is niche saharasplash_-5
Needless to say I really recommend Niche to all gluten free Londoners and travellers as it is such a fantastic place. The service was sublime, the food divine and not a drop of wine in sight! Go check Niche out now and see for yourself how great the dining experience can be for coeliacs. We sometimes forget that our diet does not control us, we can decide where we want to eat. The only way is Niche when you’re looking for some extraordinarily good gluten free food so thank you so much Niche for hosting us!
The only way is niche saharasplash_-6
The only way is niche saharasplash_-8


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For more things to do around London, I went to a spectacular rooftop not long ago- find out where it is by clicking here!

You don’t know me | Jawbreaker Clothing

I have been meaning to do this post for a while now. I have had such an incredible start to the year and have worked with some fabulous brands from Colette Green to Kent and Fraser, but I want to show you that I have many more sides to me than what you’ve seen so far. I have shown you my love for brands like Karen Millen and Boohoo, but I have a darker side also for brands like Jawbreaker. Here is something a little different to show you that you don’t know me… just yet!
Here are some facts which I haven’t mentioned on my blog to start things off:


1- I am a massive sci-fi fantasy fan. Everything from the latest Marvel movies to old school Star Trek.
2- I have an Astronomy GCSE. I love the stars and I also know why they twinkle… scintillation!
3- I have a darker side. This includes loving vampyric mythology and gothic trends, and so this is what inspired my brand new hairdo and wanting to work with Jawbreaker Clothing! 


Jawbreaker are an alternative clothing brand who I had the pleasure of meeting at this years London Edge show. I love how their clothes are aimed at all ages and they have a real variety which includes bright designs like this Mexican Skull bag or more traditional gothic styles like the Silencio Dress.
I really wanted to time this post right as I think it really ties in with my new hairstyle. Paul and I took a trip on a bloody cold Sunday afternoon to the rooftops of One New Change which gives you stunning views of the London City skyline and is pretty darn close to St Paul’s Cathedral too.
You don't know me Jawbreaker_-11 You don't know me Jawbreaker_-12 You don't know me Jawbreaker_-13 You don't know me Jawbreaker_-17 You don't know me Jawbreaker_-18 You don't know me Jawbreaker_-16 You don't know me Jawbreaker_-14 You don't know me Jawbreaker_-19 You don't know me Jawbreaker_-20

Above I am wearing the Wild Idol Vest from Jawbreaker and have paired this gorgeous vest top with some wet look leggings from Black Milk Clothing and the best faux fur jacket from Forever 21.

Below I am wearing Spin Your Web Top which I wore out to London Edge and also before I had my hair done! The lace up detail at the back is just divine.

You don't know me Jawbreaker_-7 You don't know me Jawbreaker_-8 You don't know me Jawbreaker_-10
We know we all have a wild side to us, and I hope that this post and the Jawbreaker brand has shown you that it’s ok to go with different styles. Be a chameleon with a hundred different looks and passions.
That is why you don’t know me and why you should stick around to see what I do next!


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I received this product for free for my honest opinion and review

Grease is the word at The Hard Rock Cafe

I’m back and reporting from another amazing event- this time I was headed to the Hard Rock Cafe in London for a Grease themed night! The Hard Rock Cafe kindly invited me to the event as a blogger and I was thrilled to accept the invitation. So I’m here to tell you how Grease is the word at the Hard Rock Cafe London.
First things first, I stopped off at Rush Hair Salon on Piccadilly Circus after work for a masterclass hair session. The salon is doing a masterclass campaign this season so do go and check the details out here. They taught me how to back comb and had me style my own updo, I’m sure if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you’ve seen the before and after photos, such a difference! So after my masterclass and my new updo, I was ready to step back in time to the 50’s and go have some fun at the Hard Rock!
Grease is the word at Hard Rock Cafe saharasplash-10
Pop Picturehouse partnered with Hard Rock to provide a full night’s entertainment. As well as the movie complete with actors playing the Rydell High heartthrobs and pink ladies, we also had a photobooth, makeup stations and themed props around the bar. Here are a few shots around the venue so you can see how fabulous the set up was on the night.
Grease is the word at Hard Rock Cafe saharasplash-4 Grease is the word at Hard Rock Cafe saharasplash-3Grease is the word at Hard Rock Cafe saharasplash-8 makeup by Billie Eva
An amazing setup and photobooth sponsored by simply ice cream


After having a cocktail and ordering some classic nachos (gluten free without the cheese sauce) we all gathered round the film screen and stage at 8pm to watch the movie. Grease has been and always will be one of my favourite movies of all time, so I was singing along with everyone else! Joining me on the night were Luisa, Lissa and Jasmine (pictured below with the actors)
Grease is the word at Hard Rock Cafe saharasplash-15
The actors came on at all the right moments and really lifted the already high spirits of the audience. They mimed to the best bits of the movie and danced perfectly to the classic songs- we all loved it!
Grease is the word at Hard Rock Cafe saharasplash-12 Grease is the word at Hard Rock Cafe saharasplash-11 Grease is the word at Hard Rock Cafe saharasplash-13

The next Pop Picturehouse event is happening very soon at the Hard Rock, this time it’s Spiceworld! Check out the Facebook page here for more info on how to get tickets.

I thoroughly enjoyed the event, it was so different to anything I’d been to before. Grease is one word which will never get old in my opinion, so thank you so much Hard Rock Cafe in collaboration with Pop Picturehouse for a rock n roll event!
Grease is the word at Hard Rock Cafe saharasplash-18My very own yearbook!


I will be heading back to the Hard Rock Cafe very soon to do another review- this time in the restaurant!


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If you’re up for another post featuring rock n roll, why not check out what I got up to at Icebar London

My Event-full week at Icebar London

I have never had a more exciting week as the week just gone. I managed to get to 5 amazing events around London and I’m here to start the event-full week off with a sub-zero experience. My Monday night kicked off at the famous Icebar London. I had been looking forward to this event for months ever since Lauren (@Blonde_Vision) started organising this. I’m sure if you check out the hashtag ‘bloggersbelowzero’ on Twitter you will find so many wonderful bloggers who joined me on this night of thrills and literal chills!

logo icebar

Luisa and I met up at the Icebar just off Oxford Circus for 6.30, and got straight to mingling with friendly faces new and familiar- the blogging community is so lovely I feel like after a twenty minute chat with a complete stranger we are happy and already following each other on Instagram! I got to meet Lauren who was responsible for the event, and also there on the night was Tom, Sales and Marketing Manager from Icebar London who gave us a welcome warm enough to fight the cold later on! We were put into groups and had a fabulous time chatting to each other while we waited to head on upstairs to the icebar itself.

Icebar London_-17 Icebar London_-2

photocredit Dani @ RDA Images

I wasn’t prepared for how cold it would actually be! I was in the last group of the night to go in, and we were given a massive protective poncho with fluffy hood and gloves to wear. I felt like a real live Eskimo!

Icebar London_

photocredit Dani @ RDA Images

We were dressed and ready to go in, so through the tunnel we went and came out the other side into an icy fortress. Ice was everywhere, you wanted to look, touch and take it all in, it was beautiful and breathtaking. I’m not exaggerating- my breath was visible!

The theme throughout from the sculptures around us to the drinks at the bar was rock- look how insane this setup is and it is all 100% crafted from ice!!

Icebar London_-13 Icebar London_-16

photo cred @ Luisa (EatSleepLuisaRepeat)

After spending as much time as I possibly could working my way round the room, I made it to the bar and ordered a Whole Lotta Rosie which was made with bourbon- perfect to give you a little warmth while in the icebar!

Icebar London_-3 Icebar London_-6 Icebar London_-15

photo cred @ Luisa (EatSleepLuisaRepeat)

The glasses were pure ice as well, super cold but super yummy! After a few more pics and snapchats, I got out of there as my hands were starting to seize up on me! It was totally worth it though, and once you are out the rest of the building warms you up straight away. I don’t want to say too much about the experience, I want you to go and discover it for yourself…

Icebar London_-5

The Icebar London is the perfect alternative event to spend a romantic date this Valentine’s Day and it’s a great activity to do with a group of friends too. If you haven’t been it’s right near Oxford Circus, so what are you waiting for, book your visit here!

I want to thank Lauren and Tom for organising such a wonderful event together, #bloggersbelowzero will definitely go down as one of the coolest blogging events I’ve been to! (I couldn’t resist that haha)

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While you’re here, why not check out something awesome and gluten free? Kent and Fraser have just the thing!

A Twist on Toast with Kent and Fraser

It’s time for a good old gluten free blog post! I am raving about these new toasties from Kent and Fraser. Kent and Fraser are a London-based bakery who specialise in creating fabulous gluten and wheat free treats. These vary from biscuits and shortbread, to the all new toast range which I am so thrilled to talk to you guys about. Here’s to gluten free goodness as I look into a twist on toast with Kent and Fraser.


I have always been one for a chocolate or five during those days where you wake up and then carry on with your day as usual. It is fairly safe to say that I love it, sometimes a bit more than I should. So what really got me was how Kent and Fraser managed to turn a savoury snack into my new favourite guilty pleasure. Instead of reaching for the belgian seashells, I have been happily munching away on my crunchy toast slices. They are so unique and innovative as they put together flavours which you never think could work- but they really do!

twist on toast_kent and fraser-16

Kent and Fraser have three mouthwatering flavours to choose from-

Cherry, Pecan and Poppyseed

Cranberry and Almond

Olive, Walnut and Pimenton

twist on toast_kent and fraser-2

All three have such a luscious and rich flavour, you can eat them au natural or they are great served with traditional cheese and butter. The cherry pecan and cranberry almond really do satisfy my sweet tooth and I’m finding that I don’t need to reach for anything else after my main meal. They are chewy and crispy at the same time and the fruit really comes through to compliment the twice-baked toast slices. I like to eat these as they come- you don’t need anything extra as you can see, each slice is packed full of nuts and fruit.

twist on toast_kent and fraser-3

Olives and walnuts are not two ingredients that I have in my cupboards, and it’s safe to say that I have never eaten a walnut on its own in my life. But I cannot get enough of these little green beauties. The pimenton comes through too but it’s not a harsh taste at all. The ingredients are perfectly balanced to create an artisan masterpiece, and for gluten free food that is definitely worthy of a hearty commendation. I love the olive and walnut toast with my favourite soft cheese- applewood cheddar. The smokey flavours of the applewood on the toast makes for one scrumptious snack!

twist on toast_kent and fraser-4

I decided that I would have a little shoot in my London kitchen. I had so much fun eating the remainder of the toast snacks while photos were taken for about half an hour- aren’t the boxes just so colourful and bright? And then they were gone, oops! I’ve not enjoyed a gluten free snack like this in a long time, and Kent and Fraser are definitely worth trying out for gluten/wheat free goers and coeliacs.

twist on toast_kent and fraser-5 twist on toast_kent and fraser-10 twist on toast_kent and fraser-7 twist on toast_kent and fraser-11 twist on toast_kent and fraser-14

The packs are only £3.35 each and are available to buy from the Honeyrose bakery website here. I really recommend trying all three out even if you are not partial to certain ingredients used in the toast. They really did surprise me in the best way by creating this wonderful twist on toast- so thank you Kent and Fraser! They also have a wonderful selection of biscuits, cookies and shortbread too!


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I received this product for free for my honest opinion and review