A Twist on Toast with Kent and Fraser

It’s time for a good old gluten free blog post! I am raving about these new toasties from Kent and Fraser. Kent and Fraser are a London-based bakery who specialise in creating fabulous gluten and wheat free treats. These vary from biscuits and shortbread, to the all new toast range which I am so thrilled to talk to you guys about. Here’s to gluten free goodness as I look into a twist on toast with Kent and Fraser.


I have always been one for a chocolate or five during those days where you wake up and then carry on with your day as usual. It is fairly safe to say that I love it, sometimes a bit more than I should. So what really got me was how Kent and Fraser managed to turn a savoury snack into my new favourite guilty pleasure. Instead of reaching for the belgian seashells, I have been happily munching away on my crunchy toast slices. They are so unique and innovative as they put together flavours which you never think could work- but they really do!

twist on toast_kent and fraser-16

Kent and Fraser have three mouthwatering flavours to choose from-

Cherry, Pecan and Poppyseed

Cranberry and Almond

Olive, Walnut and Pimenton

twist on toast_kent and fraser-2

All three have such a luscious and rich flavour, you can eat them au natural or they are great served with traditional cheese and butter. The cherry pecan and cranberry almond really do satisfy my sweet tooth and I’m finding that I don’t need to reach for anything else after my main meal. They are chewy and crispy at the same time and the fruit really comes through to compliment the twice-baked toast slices. I like to eat these as they come- you don’t need anything extra as you can see, each slice is packed full of nuts and fruit.

twist on toast_kent and fraser-3

Olives and walnuts are not two ingredients that I have in my cupboards, and it’s safe to say that I have never eaten a walnut on its own in my life. But I cannot get enough of these little green beauties. The pimenton comes through too but it’s not a harsh taste at all. The ingredients are perfectly balanced to create an artisan masterpiece, and for gluten free food that is definitely worthy of a hearty commendation. I love the olive and walnut toast with my favourite soft cheese- applewood cheddar. The smokey flavours of the applewood on the toast makes for one scrumptious snack!

twist on toast_kent and fraser-4

I decided that I would have a little shoot in my London kitchen. I had so much fun eating the remainder of the toast snacks while photos were taken for about half an hour- aren’t the boxes just so colourful and bright? And then they were gone, oops! I’ve not enjoyed a gluten free snack like this in a long time, and Kent and Fraser are definitely worth trying out for gluten/wheat free goers and coeliacs.

twist on toast_kent and fraser-5 twist on toast_kent and fraser-10 twist on toast_kent and fraser-7 twist on toast_kent and fraser-11 twist on toast_kent and fraser-14

The packs are only £3.35 each and are available to buy from the Honeyrose bakery website here. I really recommend trying all three out even if you are not partial to certain ingredients used in the toast. They really did surprise me in the best way by creating this wonderful twist on toast- so thank you Kent and Fraser! They also have a wonderful selection of biscuits, cookies and shortbread too!


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I received this product for free for my honest opinion and review


  1. Charlotte Steggz 21 February, 2016 / 7:52 pm

    I do love this brand! Their cookies are SOOOO GOOD!
    Have you tried the Snackly gluten free subscription box? That’s where I know them from.

    • saharasplash 23 February, 2016 / 7:39 pm

      Yes I got the Snackly box and reviewed it recently too! Loved it 🙂 x

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