Cadbury’s Obey Your Mouth

So this is a really quick and quirky post all about chocolate. So now I have your attention, I wanted to share a few images of what fun I had with Merrell at the Cadbury’s Obey Your Mouth house at Southbank London. Cadbury’s are doing a brand new campaign right now with 5 of their original best sellers and tying it in with some bank holiday fun from this Friday to Sunday. You can experience your inner child or entertain your own child with this free attraction for all ages as you go through the different rooms based around 5 different chocolate bars.

Cadburys Obey Your Mouth_-10

First up there’s some spinning fun with Double Decker, but I didn’t get my camera out until we hit part two, the Twirl ball pit!

Cadburys Obey Your Mouth_-5 Cadburys Obey Your Mouth_-3 Cadburys Obey Your Mouth_-4 Cadburys Obey Your Mouth_ Cadburys Obey Your Mouth_-6

Then we had to challenge a Panda with Wispa! It’s not as weird as it sounds, you have the panda to distract you as you try and throw ping pong balls into the goals behind him-

Cadburys Obey Your Mouth_-8 Cadburys Obey Your Mouth_-9

The next stage includes space hoppers and Boost, I almost fell off several times! You can race your friends to the end as you are timed, bounce as fast as you can there and back, I’ve got the videos on my snapchat right now so go take a look (search saharasplash).

Cadburys Obey Your Mouth_-15 Cadburys Obey Your Mouth_-14

And last you make your way down the slide (while snapchatting of course)…

Cadburys Obey Your Mouth_-24

…and it’s into a party room with Crunchie and a DJ! Props are provided for some camera moments 🙂

Cadburys Obey Your Mouth_-30 Cadburys Obey Your Mouth_-27 Cadburys Obey Your Mouth_-29 Cadburys Obey Your Mouth_-32

Bonus pic of us slaying on the roof, I’m sporting a suede effect dress and duster jacket both from Primark:

Cadburys Obey Your Mouth_-22

I hope you have a chance to get down there and try the Cadbury’s Obey your Mouth house for yourself, it’s really worth it if you are wondering what to do in London this weekend


Saharasplash x


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