Sushi Samba, Jess Wright & KISS!

Just before the weather turned colder and things started kicking off for Christmas, I have a lovely story to tell you all about an exciting London adventure. As you may see from my blog I have many outings and excursions into London city, but it is really nice when something comes along that is so unexpected it really takes your breath away. I blog about food, fashion and beauty every month, and this post just happens to have it all in! So let me take you away for a few minutes while I tell you about Sushi Samba, Jess Wright and KISS!

As I made my way up to the 38th floor of Heron Tower, I felt like I was back in Dubai whizzing higher and higher to get to the top of the Khalifa. The view of London city’s skyline was stunning! When I arrived at the top, I met with the girls from Alex Silver PR and was introduced to the other guests too.

I ordered a mango batida which went down a treat. A fruity, creamy cocktail which incidentally matched the restaurant’s decor perfectly!

We met with Jess Wright (the new brand ambassador for KISS products) before being seated to ask her some beauty questions.

My question to Jess was:

‘Is there one look you always wanted to try but are too scared to do it?’

Her answer was a pixie hair cut! I think that Jess would rock the look.

As we sat to eat, we also had a quick fire round for Jess where she had to answer from a choice of two options. I shouted out ‘pink or gold?’ And Jess chose pink!

Before this exquisite lunch, my experience of sushi was next to none and so I was really surprised when this dish presented itself in front of me. The staff were so accommodating about my coeliac’s and didn’t hesitate to explain that all of my dishes were gluten free.

I had two fabulous courses of vegetarian goodness and they were presented so delicately it was almost a shame to dig in! Our main course was sensational- a creamy dish cooked to perfection with amazing sticky rice.

We all tucked in and had the best conversations about the new KISS range while we waited for our dessert. It did not disappoint!

The exotic fruit atop a bed of crushed watermelon was just divine! The spikey pieces resembling coral were made from apple- who knew fruit could be this different?!

Of course I had to get a quick selfie with Jess before she left- what a babe!

I’m sat with the adorable Bianca from ASPR, and I also had the opportunity to chat with Gail Porter for a bit too! Thanks so much to the ASPR team, Sushi Samba, the best company and of course to the new brand ambassador Jess Wright!

You can see more from the event by following the official hashtag #JessKissLunch on Twitter.

Find my new fav product from KISS online right here…

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Spray Tanning, Norvell and Cucumba

I know this may seem like a funny kind of time to do a post on tanning but I think that it doesn’t matter what day, week or month it is during the year when it comes to looking your best. Tanning is something that I have only recently discovered. This year I have had a grand total of three spray tans and each of them have been completely amazing. The first time I ever had one was by a beauty therapist in Ipswich- Victoria Bradfield. I was so nervous at first because I have always had the palest of skin and I didn’t think that I would really suit a tanned look; but to my appreciation and surprise it actually turned out rather well. So here is where my third tanning story comes in for you- Spray Tanning, Norvell and Cucumba.
It was a crazy busy day and I had just been to a launch party on Carnaby Street. I was in the right area for my appointment at Cucumba beauty boutique which is located just a few minutes from Liberty London. Cucumba is a trendy spot for those wanting a quick eyebrow tint or a 15 minute spray tan. They have just started to use Norvell as their spray tan product in their salon and so I was there to test it out. The place was looking amazing and I was greeted with a lovely glass of champagne on arrival.
Cucumba have a downstairs section for all of the spray tanning pods so as I made my way downstairs I got a good look at all of their services.
Of course we had to do a before pic and so I decided that as I was wearing some of my better underwear I wouldn’t mind doing a full body shot for the blog.
Here I am in all my pale glory!


The spray tan process is something that I’ve been getting accustomed to over my past few experiences. I went for the lightest spray tan as I usually do and the whole process took about 15 minutes to spray me from top to bottom. The great thing about Norvell spray tan is that there is no biscuit scent unlike other competitors. The tan itsself when applied and dried has a very faint aroma but it is more like a vanilla body spray.
  So here is the after picture taken as soon as I got home


Yes this looks very dark but you do need to leave it to develop before washing off. As my appointment was an evening appointment I decided to go to bed and leave it on overnight before showering the next morning.


I thought I would also include a photo after a few days to show you the difference a couple of showers can make!
This shot was taken three days after my tan and on my hen party weekend. I can honestly say that the glow of the Norvell spray tan was so amazing and it had me feeling fabulous for the whole weekend.
If you have a chance you should definitely make it down to Cucumba near Oxford Circus for a New Year spray tan with Norvell!
The Norvell range is a huge one and also includes products for self tanning at home. They have an exclusive Strictly Come Dancing sunless collection from shimmering mist to those all-important self tanning mousses and sprays.

Find out more info by checking them out on social media @NorvellTan.


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Easy Peasy Gift Guide For Him

Seeing as I’ve already done a Gift Guide For Her post, I thought I would even the playing field this week and bring you an Easy Peasy Gift Guide For Him. I’ve teamed up with Warner Bros. to give you a Super easy (no pun intended!) guide if you are shopping for a brother, cousin or nephew and you just don’t have the resources or knowledge to know what to get. Warner Bros. has the ultimate selection which comes in fantastic rectangular little boxes to get the whole family in the Christmas spirit.

Top Pick Number One: Batman Vs Superman (2015)


I remember seeing this film as soon as it came out and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I didn’t expect this movie to be as incredible as it was, and I can honestly say that Ben Affleck makes a wonderful Bruce Wayne. You can’t go wrong with a superhero movie like this for him!

Top Pick Number Two: Creed (2015)

Fun fact: I actually spent the entire day with Apollo Creed a.k.a. Carl Weathers at London Film and Comic Con last year as his guest assistant. Creed is a top choice for any sports fan and it’s definitely made a great impression on the Rocky fans out there according to the hundreds of people in line for Carl’s autograph when I was assisting him last July.

Top Pick Number Three: Point Break (2015)


I remember when I first watched the original Point Break when I was about 13- who doesn’t remember all the Keanu Reeves movies?!  You’ve got extreme sports of all kinds, FBI infiltration and all the heart stopping moments of Mission Impossible- Point Break take two is an easy peasy one for a present this year.

Top Pick Number Four: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Quite recently my husband sat me down and made me watch the original Mad Max movie with Mel Gibson. I really enjoyed it and I think that Tom Hardy in the new Fury Road has done an incredible job. It contains all the post-apocalyptic Australian madness of the original with all the up-to-date special effects of today’s cinematic experience. A sure winner for the Christmas stocking this year!

Top Pick Number Five: Black Mass (2015)

The last top pick for my Easy Peasy Gift Guide For Him is Black Mass. I am one of the biggest Johnny Depp fans you can find having watched nearly all of his movies (including some of the stranger titles such as Once upon a time in Mexico and Benny and Joon). Black Mass tells the story of Whitey Bulger- the infamous criminal turned FBI informant- who helps take down a mafia group. This one is definitely for all the festive thrillseekers out there!


I hope you enjoyed my Easy Peasy Gift Guide For Him!

I have one final thing to say and that is I’m here to give you some early Christmas cheer. I’m giving away all of the movies I’ve mentioned above to one lucky winner this Christmas so head over to my Twitter page right now and get all the details in the pinned tweet! Merry Christmas!

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Gluten Free Brunch with Quaker Oats

So I have been sitting on this post like a proverbial hen for a number of weeks now as it has been so crazy busy with all things wedding. Now the bridal bliss has come and gone- far too quick I might add- I’m happy to be going through all the October/November news for you starting off with a Gluten Free Brunch with Quaker Oats.


On the 6th October, the day after my birthday,  I had a brunch date at ETHOS with some bloggers and the MD of nutrition at Quaker Oats. The setting was fabulous, who doesn’t love indoor trees?!


ETHOS is a great meat free spot for coeliacs, vegans and healthy food options- they cater for almost every dietary requirement!


The restaurant partnered with Quaker Oats to create some great recipes for us to try out during the brunch. I was so happy to see such a variety of options as people can perhaps stereotype oats as a boring food. This brunch showed us that it most certainly is not boring!



We started out with something quite easy which was make your own porridge- so I mixed mine with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, chocolate chips and honey.


The next dish was very unusual and exciting. These are oaty croquettes made with oats, broccoli, cheese, eggs and seasoning. These were so tasty and I think I ate three! If you’d like the full recipe then reach out to me on Twitter or comment below!


The next delight was a yummy zesty porridge cake. Baked to perfection, this had apricots and cranberries which sort of reminded me of an oatmeal and raisin cookie but way better.


It is safe to say that Quaker Oats can go a very long way for any household, and I for one am very happy that these gluten free oats are now available in sachet packs or in the big 510g tubes shown below.



510g Oats tube: £2.49

I loved my Gluten Free Brunch with Quaker Oats, and will definitely be making the croquettes in my own kitchen!

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Beauty Xmas Gift Guide for her 2016

Ho Ho Ho my festive beauties it’s December!!! So now that I’ve calmed down enough over getting married, I’m all hyped up again now that Christmas is fast approaching. I’ve already seen a bunch of Christmas movies, had some mulled wine and so it’s definitely the right time to share with you a little festive cheer in the form of a Christmas gift guide! I’ve used my santa skills to track down a handfull of treats from  £2.99 to £29. So whether you are buying for yourself (totally acceptable) or for someone else, enjoy my Beauty Xmas Gift Guide for her 2016!


Lottie London- Nail Polish Range (£2.99)


These nail polishes from Lottie London are just the trick if you are looking for a quick but gorgeous presie you know will be appreciated. I have four amazing colours here which you can mix up however you like including my favourite shade Just Dance. This is the bottom left shade which oozes Christmas spirit. It’s a warm metalic orange which reminds me of winter spice and all things nice! Superdrug has a huge selection of shades so take your time finding the perfect set for this season.

Yardley London- Gift Cracker and Gift Set (£4-£10)


Yardley London offer something a little different to your usual scented gifts. Based entirely around their contemporary classics range, the Yardley Gift Cracker is just £4 so the ideal stocking filler for a special lady! If you are after something a little more splendid then the EDT and body spray gift set is the one for you at just £10. I just love the designs and simplicity of their gifts, the brand really is the essence of affordable luxury.

Ciaté London- Paint Pot Duo To Go (£10)


Ciaté have designed an amazing range of products this year for Christmas. Not only do they have bauble shaped surprises, they have also created this duo set which doesn’t even need wrapping as you can hang it straight on the tree! Much less work and saves the tape, this gift will look glorious just as it is for someone special this year. The paint pot duo to go sets are fabulous- this one is the colour Gracie/Antique Brooch available on the Ciaté London website here.

W7 Cosmetics- The Big Bang Cracker (£19.95)


The Big Bang Cracker is a unique and wonderful gift for any girl obsessed with makeup this season, and for under £20 I’d say that is a steal! It comes with a nude eyeshadow palette visible at the front, and as you turn it round there are two more sides filled with products. You get a beautiful red lipstick and liner, then a kohl eyeliner with mascara too. Why just settle for one attribute when you can give the gift of a full blown makeover?!

Joan Collins- Body Polish and Skin Reviver (£18-20)


Joan Collins beauty is a recent discovery of mine which I just couldn’t leave out of my Beauty Xmas Gift Guide for her 2016. These two are separate products so not sold together, but they should definitely be bought together in my opinion! The Body Polish is a scented dream of pink Himalayan salt and kiwi seeds which will leave you feeling smoother than you’ve felt in years. I also am in love with the Ten Effects skin treat/makeup fixer. It’s got everything rolled into one for your skin which everyone needs in a Christmas gift after the season’s climax and you are left with an empty bank account and fridge. Two exceptional products that you should consider buying for yourself as well as for another!

Michael Bublé EDP- By Invitation 30ML (£29)


Last but by no means least is our last stop on saharasplash’s gift guide list. This is the fragrance ‘By Invitation’ brought to you by Michael Bublé. We are all guilty of getting one or two Bublé CDs each Christmas as the man was made for the holiday season. So why not shake things up and share the Bublé love a different way this month? The fragrance is heavenly, maybe just as heavenly as the man’s voice. It’s sensual and exceedingly yummy, I know I want to wear it all the time! The best place to head for it is The Perfume Shop. If you’re feeling extra generous with this gift, I would make use of the engraving option so you can personalise your perfume. The service is great and you can add that perfect touch to your gift this way.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first ever Beauty Xmas Gift Guide for her 2016 and that you have found some great new products to consider giving in a few week’s time. Better hurry, those sleigh bells are ringing!

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