Easy Peasy Gift Guide For Him

Seeing as I’ve already done a Gift Guide For Her post, I thought I would even the playing field this week and bring you an Easy Peasy Gift Guide For Him. I’ve teamed up with Warner Bros. to give you a Super easy (no pun intended!) guide if you are shopping for a brother, cousin or nephew and you just don’t have the resources or knowledge to know what to get. Warner Bros. has the ultimate selection which comes in fantastic rectangular little boxes to get the whole family in the Christmas spirit.

Top Pick Number One: Batman Vs Superman (2015)


I remember seeing this film as soon as it came out and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I didn’t expect this movie to be as incredible as it was, and I can honestly say that Ben Affleck makes a wonderful Bruce Wayne. You can’t go wrong with a superhero movie like this for him!

Top Pick Number Two: Creed (2015)

Fun fact: I actually spent the entire day with Apollo Creed a.k.a. Carl Weathers at London Film and Comic Con last year as his guest assistant. Creed is a top choice for any sports fan and it’s definitely made a great impression on the Rocky fans out there according to the hundreds of people in line for Carl’s autograph when I was assisting him last July.

Top Pick Number Three: Point Break (2015)


I remember when I first watched the original Point Break when I was about 13- who doesn’t remember all the Keanu Reeves movies?! ¬†You’ve got extreme sports of all kinds, FBI infiltration and all the heart stopping moments of Mission Impossible- Point Break take two is an easy peasy one for a present this year.

Top Pick Number Four: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Quite recently my husband sat me down and made me watch the original Mad Max movie with Mel Gibson. I really enjoyed it and I think that Tom Hardy in the new Fury Road has done an incredible job. It contains all the post-apocalyptic Australian madness of the original with all the up-to-date special effects of today’s cinematic experience. A sure winner for the Christmas stocking this year!

Top Pick Number Five: Black Mass (2015)

The last top pick for my Easy Peasy Gift Guide For Him is Black Mass. I am one of the biggest Johnny Depp fans you can find having watched nearly all of his movies (including some of the stranger titles such as Once upon a time in Mexico and Benny and Joon). Black Mass tells the story of Whitey Bulger- the infamous criminal turned FBI informant- who helps take down a mafia group. This one is definitely for all the festive thrillseekers out there!


I hope you enjoyed my Easy Peasy Gift Guide For Him!

I have one final thing to say and that is I’m here to give you some early Christmas cheer. I’m giving away all of the movies I’ve mentioned above to one lucky winner this Christmas so head over to my Twitter page right now and get all the details in the pinned tweet! Merry Christmas!

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