Quick and easy gluten free food with Copper Stone Pans

It’s about time I visited the topic of my culinary skills again after the successes of my pumpkin soup post during labour. Two well-known facts for those who are familiar with my lifestyle is that I love to cook and I am a coeliac. Just the other day I was hungry (as per) for something new, quick and unbearably good to sooth my hangry self. So I decided to grab a few items and head on down to my mum’s new kitchen (cheeky I know) to make something great. Here’s some quick and easy gluten free food with Copper Stone Pans.

These pans are ultra non-stick, so depending on what you’re cooking, you won’t have to splash in the oil or butter. Plus, the extremely tough, scratch-resistant coating combined with a forged aluminium body and steel base means these pans are built to last. Here are the ingredients I used to make a scrummy pesto pasta dish in ten mins flat:

  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Mushrooms
  • Gluten free green pea fusilli
  • 100% pure rapeseed oil
  • Pesto (2tbsp)
  • Creme fraiche (2tbsp)
  • Spinach leaves
  • Schar gluten free bread

There are many benefits to using rapeseed oil such as its non-greasy qualities, not to mention a great choice for cooking health wise too. I put the smallest dash in one of my Copper Stone Pans along with the tomatoes and mushrooms while my pasta cooked in a saucepan.

Once they looked nice and sizzly, I added the pesto, creme fraiche and the spinach leaves.

In my smaller pan, I decided to toast my gluten free bread with some of the rapeseed oil. This worked so well, and who needs the hassle of grilling bread when you don’t own a toaster?!

The toast was just how I liked it – the quick and easy gluten free food with Copper Stone Pans was a success! Hassle-free, super yummy and best thing of all, the pans just needed a wipe down and that’s it!

The Copper Stone Pans range from £19.99-29.99 and are available from  www.JMLdirect.com. Suitable on gas, electric, induction and ceramic hobs.

Saharasplash x

This is a sponsored post, PR samples included