Living in the body positivity age

You know me, I always like to accompany each blog post with a little bit of a story, words of wisdom or an insight into my real life. This blog post is all about how we are living in the body positivity age, so I’m going to keep it real for you. We all know what’s going on these days on the internet; we wake up and are faced with a million possibilities to scroll through our phones and look at images of other people. Why do we do it? Because it’s fun, habitual or perhaps a way to compare ourselves to others? Whatever your reason, be it a mostly positive or negative experience, we just can’t escape it if we are actively using social media. Living in the body positivity age can be hard if you’ve not got that ‘body positivity’ mindset about your own self. And like the famous saying goes, if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?

I am a very positive person, but I can also be stubborn, selfish and rude to those who know me well. Also never talk to me when I’m hungry or you may lose a finger. I love having my photo taken, and I also love seeing how others are getting creative in taking their photos too. Even though I am happy in my own skin and I get a lot of positive vibes from friends, family and readers on the way I look, I do have a voice in the back of my head just like you do. It’s impossible not to judge every single detail of a photo that catches your attention. This girl has gorgeous hair, flawless skin, the longest legs. But so many of us out there take these thoughts with us longer than we ought to.

I want to try and spread the word that living in  the body positivity age is doable and you can come out the other side of that phone time without feeling crap about yourself.

These photos below represent me, my aura, my motherhood and all the things you don’t really see unless you get to know me. And this is the point… you don’t know the person in the photo, so why do you want to be jealous of them? That long-legged gazelle may have the worst breath in the world, and how could you tell from a photo?

So, here’s some of my late night musings I’d love for all my readers to take away: try and be positive (daily) about your style, your voice and most importantly your body. Don’t abuse it or be cruel to it. Love it as if you were looking into the mirror for one very last time. What would you tell yourself if you could never see yourself in a reflection again?

I’ve written down a few things that you won’t be able to judge from just these pictures, and all sporting one very cool bikini from UK Swimwear

I love swimming but hate getting my hair wet

I am one lucky lady for being able to bring my daughter up surrounded by loving family members

I will always be a sassy babe at heart, but will never be able to tan so dialling up the saturation on these images!

I am willing to lay on a cold, hard wooden floor for that perfect insta shot, a determined gal that’s for sure!

The Piha Palm Fever Bikini is available from UK Swimwear 

Be real, be you, and remember you can’t judge a person from a few photos.

Saharasplash x

Thanks for reading living in the body positivity age. If you are after more trends and style, head on over to this post featuring Femme Luxe Finery next.

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    • saharasplash 21 August, 2018 / 11:36 am

      Thank you, it’s so important to always be aware of your own feelings and how this has an impact on the way you live your life online x

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