Doing London Fashion Week my own way

London Fashion Week has ever so quickly come and gone again, and although I didn’t attend any shows this season, I did venture to London to do some catwalking of my own. I met with Surrey-based photographer Lucy Hooper to help me capture some shots wearing Femme Luxe Finery (gifted). We met at 12 o clock in West London and it was unfortunately pouring down!

The rain was not going to stop any time soon, so we decided against the usual South Kensington, white house backdrop and dove into a nearby cafe to get some inspiration with a nice cup of tea and cake.

I just love how wonderfully well these turned out- you can’t go wrong with a mustard cable knit and faux leather leggings on a dreary day. The cafe’s sultry interior made the outfit fit right in as I enjoyed a gluten free red velvet cupcake. As the rain wasn’t prepared to subside for us, we then took to the London Underground to capture some urban shots on the tube. Even though it was rather packed around central London on a Monday afternoon, we still managed to whip the camera out and create some magic moments…

Our next stop was Covent Garden, a place that is swarming during London Fashion Week with people from all over the globe- mostly wearing black vinyl trousers, stompy boots and trench coats. Although that’s not really my style, I couldn’t wait to get changed into outfit number two, a burnt orange jumpsuit! I decided to wear the jumpsuit with a cropped teddy jacket and satchel bag to compliment the warm tones. I love how all the pieces went together to create a stylish yet effortless look. As the weather was still a bit drizzly, we took cover under some of Covent Garden’s pillars to start our next lookbook. The lighting was just right on the cloudy day, just perfect for what we had in mind. We also found a lovely corner filled with plants that really made the high neck jumpsuit stand out from the crowd.

Pillar and plant poses accomplished, we made our way down to Freemason’s Hall, a prime location for budding fashion enthusiasts. Most of LFW’s Fashion Scout shows are held here so we tried our luck to see what was happening. But we found that nothing was happening outside when we arrived, as a show was taking place inside. Timing is everything during Fashion Week, so we made use of the empty, stone steps to create our own catwalk look.

I have never been able to get a good walking shot before, but Lucy managed to pull it off no problem, and it only took about three takes! I decided to save my final look until I got back home as the weather was not letting up. Make sure to keep an eye on my Instagram page for the last look coming soon.

Even though LFW passed me by this time, I still felt that same energy and excitement on that day in London, knowing the whole city was abuzz with models, paps and designers freaking out. We did it in such a relaxed way, I might book another solo photoshoot for fashion week in September! My final word of wisdom: Make the city your own catwalk every time you go exploring, wear each outfit like you mean it and hold your head up high with confidence.

Saharasplash x

Thanks to Femme Luxe Finery for collaborating on this post and to Lucy Hooper Photography

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Caring for your tyres

This post is going to be a little bit different to my regular content, but something I touch on now and again as it’s so important. As you know from my socials, I travel a lot with my daughter Alice and every week my trusty car ventures from Essex to Suffolk. I have owned my Kia for over ten years now and I honestly can’t see me driving another vehicle. It’s the perfect runaround car for Alice and I, though as our family expands we will of course have to rethink the Picanto!

I wanted to share a few thoughts and tips with you all about taking care of you car, especially for those of you who travel often. Caring for your tyres is the first point of call. It can be something easily forgotten, but serious if left too long before checking. I know what it’s like to have a blown tyre on a motorway, and it was one of the scariest things that I definitely don’t want to repeat again. If you have a diary or calendar, make a little note on the first of every month to do a simple check using a 20p coin to test the tread.

If you’re not sure about tyre pressure, then most petrol stations will have a tyre pressure machine. It’s a job worth doing if you’re on your way to fill up before your next adventure! If you do find yourself in need of some new wheels, check out tyres for a great local price at Elite Direct Tyres Rainham, Essex Branch.

We have quite a few cars in our family, so we all make sure to keep each other’s cars in good condition, especially when it comes to wheels. I can’t say the same for the inside of my car- travelling with a baby means random wipes, tissues and lots of socks scattered about! But it’s on my list to do seeing as the weather is so nice this week in East Anglia.

Are you caring for your tyres? Let me know in the comments below and if you have any car stories of your own to share. Until next time, stay safe,

Saharasplash x

This is a sponsored post, all thoughts and views my own

My Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is ready and waiting, even if the big day is over- go get some gift inspo now!

A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the lovers and the haters

I really don’t want to put anyone into a category, much like with all things in life there is never a perfect rule- there’s always getout clauses and exceptions. Having said this, I do find that the majority of opinion on Vday is that you either love or hate February 14th. Be this a strong disbelief in the Hallmark holiday or the fact that you aren’t loved up, we all are unable to escape the annual occurrence. I for one look forward to Valentine’s Day each year, and part of this is because I have always had someone to share the day with- first my mum, then my sister, and then my relationships from aged 15 and onwards. I do often reflect leading up to the day on how I would feel if I were single- would I resent it? Would I still make an effort to celebrate with my family? Honestly, I’m not sure on an alternate viewpoint and a different reality, so I can definitely understand those who choose to pass the whole thing by. Whatever you choose, I’ve written a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the lovers and the haters. This means that this gift guide can be used for any day of the year, for any recipient and occasion.


You can tell a great brand by the way the product arrives. Perfectly boxed, wrapped and tied with a ribbon… GANT is just so good. The quality of this red and pink striped sweater is unreal and is going straight into my top 5. GANT is currently celebrating its 70th anniversary as an American Sportswear brand, so help celebrate with them and check out some of their new to die for Spring/Summer collection.

Prestige Flowers

Whether flowers are your thing or not, flowers can have so many meanings when you give them to another. A congratulations, a condolence, or just a sweet gesture you felt like giving, Prestige Flowers have a bouquet ready and waiting for any occasion. This specific bouquet is the Valentines 12 luxury bouquet which fit right into our living room with golden, warm tones.

Freaks of Nature Puds

A cute little dessert is something that brings me so much joy- so when I tried out the range from Freaks of Nature puds it filled a lovely hole in my heart and stomach. The range of gluten, dairy and egg free puddings are so yummy I didn’t want to share them with Paul or Alice! The sticky toffee pudding just melted in my mouth, so I urge you to try something rather special this month.

Jonathan Aston

Now I couldn’t help but do a little photoshoot with this next brand: Jonathan Aston. I have just started wearing suspenders again after what seems like almost a decade! But I really love how they work and don’t give you that tight tummy ache after having a band around your waist all day that come with regular hosiery. This seduction set (RRP £16) is such a perfect gift to reward yourself for working hard, or if you have someone in mind who you think would love a little gift like this.


My final item is so awesome I had to do two shoots- one with Alice and one with me! I’ve been waiting to showcase Zatchels on the blog for a while, so was really excited to team up with them for this feature. Pink isn’t my usual go-to colour, but this pastel micro satchel was calling to me, and Alice too! It’s the perfect size for a mini style icon…

For my photoshoot, we took to the woods and styled the bag up with a matching belt from e.buckled (my sister’s little business!) I just love how the bag is the perfect fit for my Olympus Pen camera 👌🏻

I hope that whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or not that you’ve found some new brands for your next gift giving sesh or for your own pleasure!

Saharasplash x

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Note: All items featured were gifted for my own personal review