Quiz Lost in Summer Party

As time goes on in my pregnancy, I’m having to be very strict about which events I attend. Days spent rushing around London to get to five press meetings in one day are now a thing of the past. But when this invite came through my door, I was definitely going! Celebrating the relaunch of their Westfield Stratford store, here is what happened at the Quiz Lost in Summer Party.

Quiz were amazing to send out pieces from their new collection inspired by all things summer to their guests so we could wear and share on the night of the party. The dress I’m wearing is the Stone Bardot Double Frill Bodycon (now on sale for just £14.99) and it fit bump and I perfectly!

I always love seeing a sexy shoe display! There are so many shoes I’m loving from Quiz this season.

My hand is always on my lower back these days! You can see the Braid Bar behind me doing their magic on the press and bloggers. The drinks bar sorted out a wonderful mocktail for me!

My eyes caught this cute suede clutch (above) on display at the Quiz Lost in Summer Party- imagine this with matching suede mules!!!

I spy my ‘Paularazzi!’ doing a great job as always.

Live models were on display throughout the night in the shop window. Looking super fresh in the new Lost in Summer collection!

We had the lovely Amber Turner from TOWIE cut the ribbon to the newly opened store. After the cheers subsided, we all piled back into the store for more fun, drinks and shopping!

Thank you so much to Quiz for a memorable summer night! Shop the whole Lost in Summer range here as well as Occasion Dresses.

Saharasplash x

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SpaSeekers outing to K West Hotel and Spa

It’s been a very fun filled first couple of months in 2017. If you have been following my social media you have seen me out and about in London pretty much 3-4 days a week, which is a lot seeing as I’m now living elsewhere. Not going to lie it has been tough getting up at the same time as my husband (5.30am) to get into London and beat the morning traffic. But it isn’t without its rewards. So with that being said, I want to delve right into a fantastic adventure I had a few weeks back involving a SpaSeekers outing to K West Hotel and Spa.

A bit about the K West Hotel and Spa

The K West Hotel and Spa (nothing to do with Yeezy), located just five minutes from Sherpherds Bush station, has a very cool history. Before it was turned into a Hotel and Spa, it actually used to be the old BBC recording studio. The likes of David Bowie and Bob Marley have recorded there in the past and they have done such a fabulous job in refurbing the place into a modern yet edgy hotel which The A listers love.

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