It’s never too early for a Cadbury Christmas

With Christmas now just 16 weeks away, I thought I’d get the baubles rolling and do a festive post! I missed a lot of the action from Christmas in July this year, but I did however make it to a certain Cadbury event which was absolutely amazing. It was the showstopper of all Christmas showcases and I’m here to spread a little pre-season magic and show you why it’s never too early for a Cadbury Christmas!

In the heart of Soho amidst the July heat and bustling crowds, I stepped into what could only be described as an alternate universe. Snow was on the ground, a lovely scene of lifesize advent boxes filled the first room. I was given the number 5 (my birthday date) and what was inside the box I got to take home- advent calendars !!!

Moving onto the next floor…

I found a huge dining table with an enormous Christmas cracker- Cadbury snow bites spilling out everywhere! If you’ve not been following my blog for long, I discovered snow bites last Christmas and here’s the post which features my late Great Dane posing in Cadbury accessories!

And now for the top floor of this crazy Christmas dreamland…

I learnt that Cadbury have teamed up with Help for Heroes this year with their Heroes tins. Money will be donated to the charity upon purchase of the special tins- how fab?! As well as this newcomer, Cadbury have also decided to bring back some of their old school classics along with retro packaging:

You can buy the four bars in a lovely set like this, just perfect for a little nostalgic gift this year.

Thank you so much to the Cadbury team for inviting me along and thanks to all you readers who couldn’t help but clicking as soon as you saw the chocolate! I hope your Christmas, whenever you start planning it, is merry and filled with sweet Cadbury treats!

Saharasplash x

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A Cadvent Kind of Christmas

I hope that 2017 has been treating you right so far. I am just settling into married life, though I don’t see much of Paul with his crazy busy work life, and into our new home. For those of you who don’t know, Paul and I moved out of London over the Christmas period and into an annex attached to his parent’s house. We were always planning on doing this after getting hitched so it’s not something we jumped into. I have some wonderful memories and photos I’d like to share with you all from the past few weeks and it involves lots of chocolate! This Christmas has been a Cadvent Kind of Christmas indeed!

Cadbury’s and I have worked together before if you remember back to last summer’s Obey Your Mouth campaign. So it was lovely to hear all about the launch of their first ever Cadvent knitwear collection last month. I think that this is a wonderful step in an ever expanding direction for Cadbury’s, so of course I had to get involved!

The products come with hidden compartments including a scarf with deep 18cm pockets that can conceal even the most generous of gorgeous goodies – such as a box of Cadbury Roses or Cadbury Heroes?!

A great idea to keep the cold and the cravings at bay!

My friend Tash helped me take some shots in Saffron Walden, I adore this snowflake-bedecked hat. I felt bad making her take shots while it was sub-zero in the centre of the town but it was too lovely a winter’s morning not to!

I also had to get my Great Dane to strike a pose with the scarf, isn’t purple just his colour?!

The collection is now launched on so why not take a look and see for yourself?

Now onto a few memories from Christmas 2016.

Paul and I had my friend Natasha over for a few days. We had a day trip out to Shoreditch’s underground mini golf course The Junkyard and I took Tash to see Ipswich as well.

We met these cretins (otherwise known as Evie and Ruby) and my oldest friend Cleo for a few rounds of a pub quiz (Talking Tables).

We munched on these Cadbury snacks and the snow bites went down a treat!

Let’s hope next year is a Cadvent kind of Christmas too, you can never say that too much chocolate is a bad thing around Christmas time to see you into the New Year!

Saharasplash x

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