A festive meet in the South East

I am always thrilled to be invited along to events as a blogger, but when it’s a Christmas one, even more so. This time I got into my little orange Kia and headed to Colchester for the last SEBC event of the year. The South East Blogger Club is a great network to be a part of, and I’ve been to quite a few events now. Lots of brands new and old, read on to find out more about what happens at a festive meet in the South East…

I must say a big thanks to my mum for looking after Alice on nights like these. Taking just a shoulder bag and my camera out with me is such a novelty, and I felt as light and free as a bird as I entered Boadicea. 

I went downstairs to find a spread of tables and bustling conversations; I wasted no time as I introduced myself to the array of  brands.

Big Bobble Hats were showcasing for the first time at a South East blog event. Alice and I are very much into bobble hats, so these handmade designs were right up my street. 
Belicious Beauty are a relatively new business spanning areas of Kent and Essex. They work with freelance hair and beauty technicians and have created an app to match you up for a treatment. It’s really easy to use, I just know this will catch on in areas like London really well. 

Orthosole were back to say hello to bloggers new and familiar (like me!) If you are ready for the party season, your handbag needs to be equipped with a pair of these orthopaedic insoles, customisable to your footwear
and feet. 
I was also really pleased to see Shaken Udder again, and they have a brand new flavour which I just couldn’t get enough of- strawberries and clotted cream! 
The next stall that caught my eye was a brand called Logan’s Plate. Run by Tijani, a Mum of two, she provides a meal delivery service for babies and toddlers spanning the Romford and Essex area. We have just begun trying their wonderful tastes and flavours, so stay tuned on socials to see more soon. 
Lastly, I stopped by to see Luxurious Glitter. This glitter company uses an eco friendly glitter which looked amazing when I had some painted onto my cheekbones. We even spoke of a pregnancy collab for my next bump- could I start a new trend?! #Glitterbump
Perrywood Garden Centre were ready and waiting to send us home with these beautiful flowers, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect night surrounded by what I love doing the most- being a blogger boss! 
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My big fat Christmas gift guide is ready and waiting for you- are you prepared for Christmas yet?! 

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Getting personal with Tesco

First things first, I just want to say a huge thank you to all my readers new and old. It means a lot that you stop by and take a few minutes to see what’s happening in my blogging universe which has been going for about four years now. I’ve explored many places and reviewed hundreds of different products/services, but each time I come to write a blog post there is always something new to say. I try to stick to a similar structure: it’s a personal opinion mixed with some research, humour and of course original photography. This blog post is all about getting personal with Tesco, so keep reading to get the scoop first hand!

Tesco Photo have a rather decent selection of products available for personalisation- perfect if you are ready to start gift shopping soon. As well as your standard photo calendars and books, the range includes personalised photo bags, phone cases and engravings too.

I always make my mum a photo calendar for Christmas each year, and the Tesco Photo online system is so easy to use, just upload, drag and drop!

I also discovered a beautiful range of blank photo albums, so if you’re looking to save money on your Christmas shopping, this is a super way to send a special, handmade gift as albums start from just £3.50.

Having just celebrated Alice’s first birthday, it was only fitting I designed some really personal Thank You cards to send out to our party guests. I chose a photo from my phone, uploaded it and personalised the front and inside with text, leaving space for Alice to do some drawing too. Photo greeting cards start from £2.99, and can be personalised with whatever you’d like to say.

Tesco Photo offer a great selection of photo blocks if you’re tired of getting framed pictures. These are so fun and becoming increasingly popular in my household. Alice just loves studying them and there’s no danger of her ripping the photo out as it’s secure between the glass.

Speaking of Alice, here’s what she got up to while I was busy taking photos of my own for this blog post. Happy as Jack Skellington on Christmas day with a packet of crisps in her cot!

See the whole range for yourself at Tesco Photo, and get personalising some wonderful gifts this Christmas 🙂

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PR samples included, all thoughts and views my own