Easy Peasy Gift Guide For Him

Seeing as I’ve already done a Gift Guide For Her post, I thought I would even the playing field this week and bring you an Easy Peasy Gift Guide For Him. I’ve teamed up with Warner Bros. to give you a Super easy (no pun intended!) guide if you are shopping for a brother, cousin or nephew and you just don’t have the resources or knowledge to know what to get. Warner Bros. has the ultimate selection which comes in fantastic rectangular little boxes to get the whole family in the Christmas spirit.

Top Pick Number One: Batman Vs Superman (2015)


I remember seeing this film as soon as it came out and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I didn’t expect this movie to be as incredible as it was, and I can honestly say that Ben Affleck makes a wonderful Bruce Wayne. You can’t go wrong with a superhero movie like this for him!

Top Pick Number Two: Creed (2015)

Fun fact: I actually spent the entire day with Apollo Creed a.k.a. Carl Weathers at London Film and Comic Con last year as his guest assistant. Creed is a top choice for any sports fan and it’s definitely made a great impression on the Rocky fans out there according to the hundreds of people in line for Carl’s autograph when I was assisting him last July.

Top Pick Number Three: Point Break (2015)


I remember when I first watched the original Point Break when I was about 13- who doesn’t remember all the Keanu Reeves movies?!  You’ve got extreme sports of all kinds, FBI infiltration and all the heart stopping moments of Mission Impossible- Point Break take two is an easy peasy one for a present this year.

Top Pick Number Four: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Quite recently my husband sat me down and made me watch the original Mad Max movie with Mel Gibson. I really enjoyed it and I think that Tom Hardy in the new Fury Road has done an incredible job. It contains all the post-apocalyptic Australian madness of the original with all the up-to-date special effects of today’s cinematic experience. A sure winner for the Christmas stocking this year!

Top Pick Number Five: Black Mass (2015)

The last top pick for my Easy Peasy Gift Guide For Him is Black Mass. I am one of the biggest Johnny Depp fans you can find having watched nearly all of his movies (including some of the stranger titles such as Once upon a time in Mexico and Benny and Joon). Black Mass tells the story of Whitey Bulger- the infamous criminal turned FBI informant- who helps take down a mafia group. This one is definitely for all the festive thrillseekers out there!


I hope you enjoyed my Easy Peasy Gift Guide For Him!

I have one final thing to say and that is I’m here to give you some early Christmas cheer. I’m giving away all of the movies I’ve mentioned above to one lucky winner this Christmas so head over to my Twitter page right now and get all the details in the pinned tweet! Merry Christmas!

Saharasplash x


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Walking in a Blogger’s Wonderland

I want to tell you all about what a fantastic time I had on the 5th December when I went to the Blogger’s Xmas event organised by Soeursdeluxe. The London air was very biting that day, so I layered up with a polo neck dress, faux fur cardigan and coat before heading to Moorgate station. I was early (for once) and found myself getting there well ahead of schedule to meet my friends, so I decided to go in alone and get started! The venue was so pretty! I was immediately greeted by Jasmine of Soeursdeluxe with a programme and my very own customised keyring from AlohaLolaCards. As I took the Finch’s pub in and all of the amazing stalls it really did feel as if I were walking in a blogger’s wonderland.

Bloggers xmas_-84

Selfie sticks and props adorned tables, goodies and sweets too, but I headed straight to the bar where I could see the most wonderful thing brewing- mulled cider! I was shocked as I got my wallet out to pay that the cider was in fact already paid for, I had only been in the door 5 minutes and I felt so relaxed and happy. I cannot thank Jasmine and Kirsty enough for organising such a great blogging event!

Bloggers xmas_-7

Bloggers xmas_-39

As I waited with my mulled cider in hand for my friends to arrive, I had a flick through the programme so I could see who was attending. I was shocked yet again to discover that I had a little shout out in the programme, as earlier on in the year I had put a favourite jewellery brand of mine in contact with Soeursdeluxe as they were looking to exhibit more in London. Miglio Jewellery were on the guestlist sure enough, and I am really glad I met them and have worked with them since. They are a fabulous company and their innovative styles had all the cameras snap snapping away at their stall.

Bloggers xmas_-17

Another stall I was happy to see there was the Blogosphere magazine. As I am in the publishing industry at work, I have a great respect for printed magazines and this one directed at bloggers specifically is just brilliant. We each went home with a copy of the latest edition of the quarterly mag, and it is so well presented I am itching to get some ideas over to them in the new year to be in with a shot of getting featured! Well worth following these guys on Twitter!

blogosphere mag-28463

I think my favourite new brand would have to be Aroma Cake Boutique. Founded by Krupali Patel, the Aroma Cake Boutique is a lovely homemade cake company with an Indian twist. I found myself ogling at all the amazing bite size treats laid out for us to try, and all of them were gluten free!

Bloggers xmas_-32

Krupali explained how she and her mother use traditional Indian spices to infuse the cupcakes and the icing. Their masala chai and rose flavour cupcake was like nothing I’d ever tasted before, it was heavenly. Aroma Cake Boutique were kind enough to let me take home a box- they were all gone in less than a day and I didn’t share much either! You can find out more about Aroma Cake Boutique via their website here.

Bloggers xmas_-30

I must also mention another sweet treat which were exhibiting at the Bloggers Xmas event, this time we’re talking cheesecakes!



Sweet Cheesus (great name!) offer 6 different flavours of cheesecake, 2 of which happen to be gluten free! I tried both the white chocolate & summer fruits as well as the salted caramel- both were sublime! I hope to work with them in the new year, so send through your ideas of what you want to see to my Twitter page @saharasplash !

Enough about food, and over to fashion and beauty!

I met a wonderful designer of vintage boxer shorts- House of Dreadful.


Bloggers xmas_-21

These are traditionally men’s boxer shorts, but as I saw them I just knew I had to do a photoshoot with my girls at Petite Model Management. For those of you who don’t know, this year I started up a London-based agency for petite models, and House of Dreadful is definitely on the list of ones to work with for 2016! I’ve already started collecting inspiration over on my Pinterest so check it out- I would love any recommendations too so hit me up with your pins!

And last but certainly not least, my fav lash brand, Lash Perfect were there.


I met their marketing exec Aisha at the beauty blogger awards back in October, and it was great to catch up with her and the luscious lashes. We were spoilt for choice and could take our pick from the lash box- what more does a blogger want?!

Bloggers xmas_-34

I will let you in on a little secret though- this event was the first time I put lashes on myself. Usually I have makeup artists who put them on me, so I was shocked when I tried them out and they worked first time! I went over them with eye liner, here’s a close up of the result:

Bloggers xmas_closeup lashes

I will definitely be using my Lash Perfect lashes this season!

So if you are still with me on this 11th paragraph, I want to thank you, the brands above and the fabulous duo that is soeursdeluxe for making this blog post so amazing. I will continue to support my local blogger events and meet new brands as this is what my blog is all about. It is events like this that give me great content so I can keep on blogging and keep on growing- so thank you.

Saharasplash x

If you haven’t had enough, head to my festive post on an evening with LaRoche-Posay, it’s a good one!