Never have I ever inspired by Nerve!

Out today in cinemas, I am doing a ‘never have I ever’ inspired by the brand new film Nerve. This one is hopefully going to be quite interactive, I want to know from all you readers out there the things you don’t have the nerve to do! It could be anything like going to the cinema by yourself for instance, I want this to be fun! Keep reading to find out what inspired me about the movie to do this post as it will make a lot more sense once you find out the summary of this particular film! Ok so here it goes:


Never have I ever… ridden a motorcycle by myself

Motorbikes really scare me, and I have never even had a go on a moped! I’ve been on the back of one as a passenger about fifteen years ago and really didn’t like it. I did however have the coolest pink electric scooter which was more than enough for the adrenaline junkie within me!

Never have I ever… been drunk!

Yes I know this is a very unusual one! I don’t have the nerve to get drunk, partly because I guess I wouldn’t know what to expect from myself. I wouldn’t want to be the friend who has to be put in a taxi home at the end of a night and not know how I ended up home! Of course I have no problem with anyone else drinking around me, and I do like a cocktail at a party, but as soon as I start to feel any effects I have to stop straight away and that’s me done for the night. I am proud to say that I have never been drunk though, and I hope you will raise a glass to that with me!

Never have I ever… truly experienced being single

This is also quite unusual I think. I had my first ever relationship when I was 14, and we stayed together until I was just about 20 years old. 3 weeks later, I meet my current husband to be Paul! So I never really had any period of time to get used to a single life. I didn’t plan it this way, it was just one of those things that happened but I don’t regret it at all. I’d like to think that I would have the nerve to be happy and single, but I hope that I don’t have to find out as I love my life with Paul!

Never have I ever…eaten shellfish

By shellfish, I mean any seafood with a shell like clams or muscles. I simply don’t have the stomach for anything fishy besides cod, tuna or salmon, maybe this is one thing I have to try soon or I may not ever face my fear! It’s definitely a mind over matter thing because I like the smell of lobster in a nice restaurant, so I think I just need to man up on this one!

So now the ugly truth is out the way, I want to share a little about the film which this post is inspired by. Nerve is a social media thriller which is right up any blogger’s google map app. Set on the streets of New York City, a secret and dangerous game has gone viral, much like pokemon go has! You can pay to be a watcher or become a player to win. Either way Emma Roberts and Dave Franco find themselves drawn into the game as players, and we watch them do incredible (and stupid) things to earn a lot of money. The more watchers they gain, the higher the stakes, and it really opened my mind up to the world we surround ourselves in on the internet and on our phones. Of course I use social media for positivity and would never consider being a part of nerve if the game did exist, but we all should be more aware of the danger the web poses and try to help fight against the darkness which we all know comes with the territory.



Dave Franco was kind enough to stop by after the movie to talk to us about his thoughts and views on his role in Nerve. Dave does not use any form of social media which is why he was drawn to the role of Ian. He answered all our questions with a great thoughtfulness and we could see how much he loves doing what he does- I wish him all the best and no doubt his career has only just begun! I hope you all go and watch Nerve and let me know what you think of it!

Thanks for reading Never have I ever inspired by Nerve! Comment below for me with one of your own ‘never have I ever’ confessions!





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Star Trek Beyond Premiere Preview

July has turned out to be such an incredible month this year. Things are finally starting to come together with all the wedding plans, life as a full time blogger is brilliant and now I’m writing up one of the best experiences in 2016. Let me take five minutes of your time to explain all about the Star Trek Beyond premiere preview in this post…


My day started out with a huge dilemma, I had a premiere to attend, but the weather was horrific- I’m not just talking a light shower, I’m talking buckets of rain which was forecast for the whole day. Despite this fact, I chose to wear a floor length backless black dress, and I put my heels in my bag to change into later. My first stop was to Clapham Junction to get my nails done. It was my first time visiting we nail’d it salon after many Instagram posts I had seen on the place. I don’t think it quite lived up to my expectations, though they did make my nails a very fitting silver chrome for the galactic touch I was looking for. Nails done, I headed straight to Leicester Square, my home away from home in a way. I couldn’t help remember back to 2013 when I slept there overnight for the previous Star Trek film- Into Darkness. Totally worth it to meet J J Abrams! Three years on, things were very different, I couldn’t quite get my head around it as I went to pick up my press badge and tickets to the movie from the Hampshire Hotel.


The time was 4.30 as I sat with an earl grey tea watching the rain come down outside. I was feeling nervous and excited, the way I always feel before a premiere begins. 5 o clock came round, and by divine intervention or just perfect timing the rain ceased as I made my way across the square and onto the carpet. The carpet was white and silver, the fans were in the pens and excitement filled the air, I had my Olympus Pen out and was ready to capture everything.


Fast forwarding to 6.30, I was in the media pens, right outside the empire cinema main doors. The stage was right in front of me as the stars started pulling onto the carpet. I was next to two great girls from Glossybox and we all were snapping away as Chris Pine, Simon Pegg and the rest of the cast made their way towards us.


It was so incredible, I will not ever forget the moment where I had both Chris Pine and Karl Urban standing right in front of me, I had my question prepared….


Watch the video to find out what I asked Chris Pine!

So after that I was fully geared up to watch the movie with my favourite movie buddy Paul. I don’t want to give away much about what happens in the movie as I really do want you all to go and see it when it comes out, but here are a few of my thoughts on it:
Star Trek Beyond definitely went above and beyond for me. The third instalment had a lot to live up to after Into Darkness, and I was excited to see what Idris Elba could bring to the dynamics when alongside the Enterprise crew, even if just for a short while. I was really surprised with where JJ Abrams and SImon Pegg went with this movie, there were many scenes with Spock, Kirk and Bones that were nicely unexpected and helped to build strong foundations between the characters. It was bittersweet to watch Anton Yelchin on screen as Chekov after his sad passing, and tribute was duly noted to him in Star Trek Beyond. We see a lot more to him than in in the previous films which was just lovely to watch. I really hope that you love it as much as I do when it is out in cinemas, I would give this film a solid 9 out of 10, just because I didn’t really get Uhura’s part in this film at all and think that something more could have been done there.


And finally my outfit! I was glad there was time to take some shots afterwards!




My dress is from Pretty Little Thing

I want to say a huge thank you to the people who made this great day at the Star Trek Beyond Premiere Preview possible: Substance Global (my new superheroes) Columbus Direct and of course to the whole cast and crew behind Star Trek Beyond– may you all live long and prosper!


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The Owl and The Huntsman

The owl and the huntsman went to Claridges for a beautiful braided crown. Okay not really the huntsman, but I certainly did! This post is all about the owl and the huntsman and of course my braided hair!
the owl and the huntsman
I was so excited to see the second instalment in The Huntsman series, this time it was all about a winter’s war between two sisters. Snow White was far far away as we got to learn more about Eric’s story (Chris Hemsworth). We arrived at Leicester Square for 6.30pm and were kindly greeted by the Feref team just inside the Vue Cinema.
We had front row seats in the theatre and enjoyed a glass of wine as we watched the film. I loved it even better than the first one, which is quite rare for a sequel! It was reminiscent of the Hobbit in so many ways. The quest to destroy an evil golden object and they even did battle with goblins. Plus the fact that the majority of the film was spent in the woods. This is in no way a criticism of The Huntsman: Winter’s War though, it was a thrilling journey full of surprises and had the perfect balance of humour, adventure and heartthrobbing moments.
The adventure, however, did not end with the movie. I was lucky enough to get invited to a magical mirror room lunch in celebration of the film’s release at Claridges Hotel:
the owl and the huntsman invite
On Thursday I set off for Bond Street station on my lunch break for a wonderful experience. The magical room was filled with scrumptious gluten free delights and a few more surprises too.
The Owl and the Huntsman saharasplash-7
The Owl and the Huntsman saharasplash-3
The Owl and the Huntsman saharasplash-2 The Owl and the Huntsman saharasplash-10
The Braid Bar from Selfridges were there to give us the most amazing hair styles plus they had organised nail and makeup sessions too. I went for the Claudia braid from the braid bar baes and it was so beautiful! I felt like a queen straight from the fairytale, all I needed was a huntsman to come rescue me!
The Owl and the Huntsman saharasplash-11 The Owl and the Huntsman saharasplash-12
The star of the show was a real life snowy owl. Not many of us wanted to touch, but we did have our cameras at the ready for some photos. I spoke with his carer and he loved the attention from the press and the bloggers!
The Owl and the Huntsman saharasplash-5 The Owl and the Huntsman saharasplash-6
I met 3 new blogger buds too, the Mandeville sisters and Joy Ogude– say hey to these girls on social as they are brilliant at what they do.
The Owl and the Huntsman saharasplash-9
I can’t thank the Feref team and Universal enough for such a magical experience, from seeing the owl and tea at Claridges to seeing The Huntsman: Winter’s War preview screening of the film. I also came away with this awesome huntsman hoodie which I will be styling up very soon no doubt!
The Owl and the Huntsman saharasplash-13
The Huntsman: Winter’s War is in cinemas now so go see it on the big screen over the next few weeks


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