Splashes of Colour for Summer

Summer has been so on and off in the UK so far this year. We’ve had everything from record-breaking highs to hailstorms and flooding recently. The aim of this post is to ignore what the weather is doing outside, beacause hey, it’s July! We want to wear clothes that make us feel summery even though the view outside our bedroom window might not reflect that. But there’s nothing from stopping us wearing splashes of colour for summer in our clothes and accesories! I’ve picked the perfect brand to show you how you can dress for summer whatever the weather!

Iceberg the brand launched in 1974, and started out by creating lines inspired by sportswear for everyday wear. Nowadays Iceberg is known worldwide for its quirky, colourful pop art pieces, and here are my top picks:

Iceberg Pineapple co-ord set

This set is just fabulous if you want to make a colourful statement. No one else will have this as it’s so unique, and it is reminiscent of that chic, 60’s look!


Iceberg Knee Length Skirt

It’s so easy to dress this colourful skirt with a white, black or blue shirt. A lot of people go for colour on the top instead of the bottom so break the mould and be bold! iceberg-knee-length-skirt_1_2

Iceberg Striped Belt

For a smaller budget and a smaller waistline in the process, add this little splash of colour to any monochrome outfit to brighten up your day. It also works well with a blue or purple too.

iceberg-16ei2p166026916--0002_3 iceberg-16ei2p166026916--0002_4


Iceberg Double Clutch

I’ve never seen anything like this before. This isn’t just one clutch, it’s two! Strapped together by one chain, this clutch is perfect for adding a little zing to your summer outfit!


Iceberg Mickey Mouse Pullover

Disney fan? This pullover is just the one for you then. The tiny bit of yellow just makes all the difference, so if you’re not ready for full on colours then I’d go for this one!



Iceberg Applique Sandals

Okay so I know you can’t really wear these if it’s pouring with rain outside, but I just had to include them in my splashes of colour for summer post. Aren’t they adorable?! I would wear these with an A-line skirt and collared shirt for a sophisticated look, or for festival vibes I’d go with shorts, a crop and a kimono!


The complete Iceberg collection is available on Gilmarlab, a luxury online boutique which is just insane. They are an Italian based company who stock designers including No. 21, Paolo Pecora and Siviglia as well as Iceberg. I’d describe the collections as high-end but ready-to-wear and the Iceberg brand really called to me above all others for this colourful feature.

Visit the Iceberg shop online now to see all the pieces I’ve featured in this Splashes of Colour for Summer post, why not splash out a little and get that one colourful piece your wardrobe is definitely missing. You will feel unique, stylish and of course colourful with any of the pieces shown above!

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Gluten Free Travel Tips | How To Travel The World On A Gluten Free Diet

Tips for gluten free travellers – the best cruises to go on, the most accommodating all-inclusive resorts and a surprise gluten-free friendly country to visit.

Do you have a medical condition such as Coeliac’s Disease that prevents you from eating gluten? Or perhaps you’re simply interested in the latest diet that promises weight loss if you cut it out? Whatever the reason for your gluten-free lifestyle, the idea of travelling whilst avoiding eating wheat can be a daunting one. But rest assured, it is perfectly possible to enjoy a fantastic holiday if you follow these tips and put a little planning into your gluten-free holiday.

Visit Gluten-Free Friendly Resorts

resort 2
Package deal operators such as Sandals pride themselves on their approach to catering for gluten-free customers at all of their resorts. Typically, their culinary teams would meet with guests upon arrival to discuss their individual dietary needs for their entire vacation. Similarly, Disney World is extremely accommodating towards those with a gluten intolerance. They even have a Special Dietary Requests team that you can call or email to request information about menus either in advance of your stay, or after you’ve arrived.

Go Self-Catering

Of course the obvious choice when choosing to eat a gluten-free diet on your travels is to book self-catering accommodation such as a villa, cottage or city apartment. This way you can visit the local supermarket and prepare all your meals yourself to be absolutely sure that none of your ingredients have become cross-contaminated.

Dining Out

However, if you would understandably prefer to dine out on your vacation, then you’ll need to know the whereabouts of some decent gluten-free restaurants. Zomato lists restaurants in 10,000 cities across 23 countries and has a mission to ensure that nobody ever has a bad meal. You’ll find a wide range of global gluten-free dining on their site.
If you’re travelling in a non-speaking country, then it’s a good idea to have printed out a dining card in the native language listing what you can and cannot eat. You can show this to the staff at your restaurant and they’ll be able to better assist you.

Cruise Lines

Many lines cater for passengers who are cruising with gluten-free dietary requirements. Carnival Cruise Lines offer gluten-free bread, pasta, cake and pizza on request. Celebrity Cruises clearly marks dishes on the main dining menu that are gluten-free. A little more effort is required whilst cruising with Royal Caribbean, as they request that you meet with the restaurant manager each evening to discuss menu options for the following day, but most dishes can be prepared gluten-free.

Visit Italy

It will come as a surprise to many that a country that is synonymous with heavenly pizza and pasta dishes could be so friendly towards gluten-free travellers. Yet happily this is the case. Italians take gluten intolerance extremely seriously and even give a generous monthly food allowance to Coeliac sufferers so that they’re able to purchase gluten-free food. So Italy is actually extremely tolerant towards this particular dietary request and many restaurants will list dishes ‘per celiaci’ on their main menus.
So long as you’re prepared to put in a little background research, there’s no reason why your gluten-free diet needs to prevent you from travelling extensively and seeing the world. However, if you do have a medical condition such as Coeliac disease, it is imperative that you take out some annual multi trip insurance to ensure that you’re covered for medical bills in the event that you have a reaction and need to see an emergency doctor. It’s always better to be safe than sorry where your health is concerned.

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