Husband Takeover- five ways to look sharp

It’s time for yet another husband takeover on the blog! These posts always do really well, and I think I’ve said this before but there really isn’t enough hype to represent the males in the blogging community. I know my husband isn’t a male blogger, but he sure loves acting like one during our photoshoots. We’ve put together a little post on five ways to look sharp, so dressing for the Monday to Friday week in the big city.


Mondays are always the hardest right? It’s the start of a brand new week and this is probably the day people are going to make most of an effort. The shirt is pressed, tie is on and ultimately you want to start the week out right. Paul is wearing blue trousers with a pink shirt from Dobell paired with a striped tie. Men’s workwear is all about the blue and pink right now, I see it everywhere!


Tuesday’s child is said to be full of grace, so we’ve upped our style game with a smart jacket, also from Dobell. Grey trousers and blue hints from this shirt and suit combo is guaranteed to turn heads as you prepare for a morning of important meetings in the office.


Wednesday is set to be a warm one, so we’ve opted for a short sleeve shirt that still is smart but practical too. Wednesday is a great day to change up your hairstyle, have a shave and really create a different look.


It’s almost the weekend, but not quite there yet. We’ve gone back to our trusty pink shirt but made it less formal by losing the tie. Everyone is gearing up for dress down Friday, so why not get ahead of the game and start a little early?! Maybe unbutton that top button too!


We made it! Now Friday is a day most people working a 9-5 rejoice, especially if you have the freedom to dress down. Paul still wants to maintain his sharp sense of style so he has picked out a simple grey tee from BoohooMAN and a snazzy bomber jacket from Idle Man. Paul can walk into the office with confidence and professionalism, however show that he has a younger, cooler side as well, despite the grey hair!

We hope you loved this husband takeover- five ways to look sharp. Make this week a banger and dress to impress your co-workers, you never know what opportunities await you with a fresh looking wardrobe.

Saharasplash and Paul x

Thanks for reading, see all the details next from Alice’s Naming Ceremony and why we chose a humanist celebration for her special day.

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Incredible moments featuring Dobell

It’s finally here- the end of the year- are you happy or sad to see the end of it? I’m a bit of both, I’ve really enjoyed the last 52 weeks but am so excited to see what the next 52 will bring. For me, the future is always something to look forward to, but looking back can be just as fun. The Schaefer family made some great memories, especially towards the end of 2017. Here are some of our incredible moments featuring Dobell menswear.

In December, we took Alice to her first wedding in Bournemouth. Paul is sporting a rather gorgeous navy tuxedo set from the online retailer Dobell. Dobell has one of the best online menswear collections, including a great novelty festive section!

Paul and I matched the colour scheme of my friend’s winter wedding and the touch of blue in his suit went down a treat.

December also brought us another event, this time in the form of a Star Wars themed event. Paul scored a ticket to the European Premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi at the Royal Albert Hall. The Dobell suit was called upon along with the force to create some rather fun snaps before he headed off to the centre of London for the big night.

Storm Troopers and stars lined the red carpet, and so did Dobell!

Adam Driver, who plays Kylo Ren, was being interviewed as Paul went in. He even managed to get an auto From Daisy Ridley too! 

Safe to say he definitely looked the part, creating some incredible moments featuring Dobell.

Saharasplash x

Does your other half need sprucing up for the New Year? If so, here’s where to send him:

Saharasplash x

I hope your year has been filled with incredible moments, and you are about to make many more this coming 2018 ? Head back to the home page for some more blogging!