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When at home it can be so easy to just forget about everyday normalities such as getting changed out of our pjs in the morning. The same can be said for hair routines- why bother if no one is going to see it right? But the funny thing is that the simple things in life such as getting dressed, doing our hair or makeup can make a huge difference to our self-esteem and mood. I’ve written a short and sweet blog post called “At Home Hairstyles and Tips” where you can have a five minute read that might get you itching to give something new a go. 

I must admit, there are days where I stay in yesterday’s joggers. It cuts down on the washing pile and there’s not much I am finding comfy at 23 weeks pregnant. Although it can be so easy to slip into a mindless stretch of uneventful days if you are out of work (or childless!), that doesn’t mean to say you should neglect your old ways of how you went about your day-to-day life. Humans are creatures of habit, and as much as the list detesters will protest this fact, a bit of structure to the day makes everything so much better. We feel a sense of pride upon accomplishing tasks, and these can start as soon as you wake up and head to the bathroom. 

Here’s where hair comes in. Take a look at mine, in all its natural glory. It is multi-toned, my fringe has grown out to the length of my nose and it is flat as hell. I want to talk about how to take care of your hair, not just during lockdown, but after it has lifted too. Use this time wisely to perfect your hair care routine, or change it up if you already have one. 

Different hair means different rules and subsequently different tools. Everyone will have their own mane to maintain, so what works for me may not for you. I’m just here to show you how much effort I put into keeping my hair on track no matter what the day holds.

Use the right tools for the job

You need to know your hair type and pick the right products that will maximize your results. Make sure you are using a brand that leaves your hair feeling great after each wash. For me, that’s Joico. I have been using their range for years and my head loves this new moisture recovery shampoo and conditioner. My hair needs hydrating constantly, so these are perfect for me. 

During each wash, I use my Tangle Teezer and head wrap from Soap and Glory. I always wrap my hair and let it dry naturally too because this ensures no heat damage, and gives my post-shower products time to absorb properly. 

It shouldn’t end with conditioner 

Aftercare is a must, especially now we can take time to do it. Post-wash hair products I use are from the Dove Advanced Hair Series collection. Just a few pumps and I run this through my wet hair before leaving to dry. This will really help give your hair a new lease of life and make you feel like you’ve just left the salon too, something we are all missing I bet. 

Now I have two super easy at home hairstyles to show you step by step. Note these require no hairdryers, wands or straighteners- you just need a brush, a few hairbands, grips and practice. 

Half and half French braid style 

This is such a great style if you have a pesky fringe that you cannot be dealing with. Just start plaiting it and stop once you’ve reached your ears and tie with a little gel band. I like to have my hair like this at night too to help protect it from back of the head knots and frizz.  

A twist on the bun

This simply is a bun that is twisted before being wrapped. It is the coolest hack I’ve learned in 2020 for doing a bun on flat, straight hair that won’t keep in place. Simply twist, wrap, pin and scrunchie. 

Have you got your hair under control or are you longing to see your hairdresser again to make it all better? Whatever your first move is when lockdown is over, from visiting top hairdressers in Manchester to signing up for a local hairdresser course to DIY, be safe, have fun and look after your hair! 

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All Doved Up for a Change

So recently I have been rushed off my feet with hardly any time to slow down to even think about what I’m doing. What little time I do have outside of working hours I spend blogging and out and about in London at events. This is not a bad thing at all though, I love it and am so excited to start blogging full time as of next month! So I’m taking the leap and leaving my full time job, very scary indeed! I just can’t fit it all in anymore as hard as I try. This post is all about how I’ve partnered with Dove who keep me staying super fresh as I balance my everyday working life plus all the blogging in between! Here’s how I’m All Doved Up for a Change:
 All Doved Up for a Change_-23
Dove has always been my go-to brand for an anti-perspirant, it works so well with my sensitive skin with 1/4 moisturiser in their deodorants. It also has the staying power I need in so many lovely scents. Right now I’m using the Dove original 48 hour protection spray in a compressed can, I love it so much!
All Doved Up for a Change_-26
So here’s where the day begins, I quickly spray, it’s in my bag and away I go to work and then onto 2 fabulous blogging events back to back! All Doved Up for a Change_-28
After my 8 hour office day, I’m heading stright for the Ham Yard Hotel. I am wearing a sleeveless co ord set from House of Celeb Boutique, my underarms are feeling smooth and great at 6pm still as I arrive at the Palmers coconut escape event.
All Doved Up for a Change_ All Doved Up for a Change_-4 All Doved Up for a Change_-6 All Doved Up for a Change_-8
All Doved Up for a Change_-22
The Coconut escape is fabulous, signature cocktails on a rooftop bar and this coconut oil formula collection on display had me wanting to stay forever. But, it was time to move onto the next event…
I arrive at the brand new LashBar store for 7.30pm. They have just opened up a Lash and Brow Bar, and I am so excited to see the new store.
All Doved Up for a Change_-11 All Doved Up for a Change_-13 All Doved Up for a Change_-16
Treatments are underway to celebrate the new opening as well as offering guests the chance to try out the new semi permanent lash extensions ‘Russian Varia’. I go for a classic look and have individual lashes placed at the ends of my eyeslashes. The staff are lovely and here is a shot I took of one of the guests having the Russian Varia lashes done: All Doved Up for a Change_-12
 I’ve still got my outfit on and arms are out!All Doved Up for a Change_-15
The time is now 8.30pm and I’m on my way home. It’s been an incredible (but busy day) and although I am so tired, I did not break a sweat all day thanks to Dove.
All Doved Up for a Change_-24
I’m definitely all Doved up for a change in my life, and now that I’m leaving my job to start blogging full time, plus the wedding planning, I hope that Dove will see me through for what’s to be an exciting adventure for the rest of 2016!


Saharasplash x


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