what’s on my watch list right now

Over the past 10 months of serious blogging, I have explored many of my passions and written about them. You will know saharasplash best for fashion, beauty and gluten free lifestyle, but now I am wanting to do a bit more as my journey continues. For those of you who read my Dubai series, you’ll know that I am recently engaged and planning for a November wedding. I cannot wait to explore bridal blogging over the summer, but right now I am going to be sharing another big part of my life- film and TV. Paul and I just love a good TV show and attending premieres and special screenings around London. So for those of you that are curious, I’ve written a post all about what’s on my watch list right now…

What's on my watch list right now

I tend to stay away from the mundane and go for shows about fantasy/heroes/sci-fi as this has been something that has stuck with me since I started watching Buffy back in the late 90’s. Vampires, witches & werewolves seem to grab my attention, and no matter how many shows there are about them (and there are a lot!) I tend to get hooked pretty fast.

What's on my watch list right now-7

TV shows

I have just caught up on The Flash and Arrow, so I’m left with Game of Thrones (soon to end too!) and Gotham. Gotham is a must see for any Batman fan, the show just gets better with each episode so loving this and I am part way through season 2.

Netflix is definitely one to keep an eye out for. Shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones added a much needed thrill to my screen this year and both of these are available to watch in 4K for the best viewing too!

Onto films

I will always love my classic John Hughes movies which sets itself aside from the usual genre I go for. From time to time I do love to go back and watch these old greats-  who doesn’t love a bit of Ferris and the Breakfast Club?!

What's on my watch list right now-3

What’s on my watch list right now though is more up to date. I am currently loving Amazon Prime’s Instant Video service as I get to watch great movies like X Men: Days of Future Past and The Martian, both available in 4K viewing mode!

Up and coming on my watch list

Up and coming on my watch list is definitely the new Suicide Squad film. I must say I am more of a Marvel girl, but after the showdown bewteen last month’s Batman vs Superman, I am excited for another DC fix!

What's on my watch list right now-8

The Suicide Squad will also be available in 4K, as will the most anticipated film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Check out the latest Panasonic HDR 4K TV to watch them in great quality when they’re out! So that’s what’s on my watch list right now, I would love to know what’s on yours? Place a comment below to get the conversation started 🙂

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The Owl and The Huntsman

The owl and the huntsman went to Claridges for a beautiful braided crown. Okay not really the huntsman, but I certainly did! This post is all about the owl and the huntsman and of course my braided hair!
the owl and the huntsman
I was so excited to see the second instalment in The Huntsman series, this time it was all about a winter’s war between two sisters. Snow White was far far away as we got to learn more about Eric’s story (Chris Hemsworth). We arrived at Leicester Square for 6.30pm and were kindly greeted by the Feref team just inside the Vue Cinema.
We had front row seats in the theatre and enjoyed a glass of wine as we watched the film. I loved it even better than the first one, which is quite rare for a sequel! It was reminiscent of the Hobbit in so many ways. The quest to destroy an evil golden object and they even did battle with goblins. Plus the fact that the majority of the film was spent in the woods. This is in no way a criticism of The Huntsman: Winter’s War though, it was a thrilling journey full of surprises and had the perfect balance of humour, adventure and heartthrobbing moments.
The adventure, however, did not end with the movie. I was lucky enough to get invited to a magical mirror room lunch in celebration of the film’s release at Claridges Hotel:
the owl and the huntsman invite
On Thursday I set off for Bond Street station on my lunch break for a wonderful experience. The magical room was filled with scrumptious gluten free delights and a few more surprises too.
The Owl and the Huntsman saharasplash-7
The Owl and the Huntsman saharasplash-3
The Owl and the Huntsman saharasplash-2 The Owl and the Huntsman saharasplash-10
The Braid Bar from Selfridges were there to give us the most amazing hair styles plus they had organised nail and makeup sessions too. I went for the Claudia braid from the braid bar baes and it was so beautiful! I felt like a queen straight from the fairytale, all I needed was a huntsman to come rescue me!
The Owl and the Huntsman saharasplash-11 The Owl and the Huntsman saharasplash-12
The star of the show was a real life snowy owl. Not many of us wanted to touch, but we did have our cameras at the ready for some photos. I spoke with his carer and he loved the attention from the press and the bloggers!
The Owl and the Huntsman saharasplash-5 The Owl and the Huntsman saharasplash-6
I met 3 new blogger buds too, the Mandeville sisters and Joy Ogude– say hey to these girls on social as they are brilliant at what they do.
The Owl and the Huntsman saharasplash-9
I can’t thank the Feref team and Universal enough for such a magical experience, from seeing the owl and tea at Claridges to seeing The Huntsman: Winter’s War preview screening of the film. I also came away with this awesome huntsman hoodie which I will be styling up very soon no doubt!
The Owl and the Huntsman saharasplash-13
The Huntsman: Winter’s War is in cinemas now so go see it on the big screen over the next few weeks


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