Easy Peasy Gift Guide For Him

Seeing as I’ve already done a Gift Guide For Her post, I thought I would even the playing field this week and bring you an Easy Peasy Gift Guide For Him. I’ve teamed up with Warner Bros. to give you a Super easy (no pun intended!) guide if you are shopping for a brother, cousin or nephew and you just don’t have the resources or knowledge to know what to get. Warner Bros. has the ultimate selection which comes in fantastic rectangular little boxes to get the whole family in the Christmas spirit.

Top Pick Number One: Batman Vs Superman (2015)


I remember seeing this film as soon as it came out and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I didn’t expect this movie to be as incredible as it was, and I can honestly say that Ben Affleck makes a wonderful Bruce Wayne. You can’t go wrong with a superhero movie like this for him!

Top Pick Number Two: Creed (2015)

Fun fact: I actually spent the entire day with Apollo Creed a.k.a. Carl Weathers at London Film and Comic Con last year as his guest assistant. Creed is a top choice for any sports fan and it’s definitely made a great impression on the Rocky fans out there according to the hundreds of people in line for Carl’s autograph when I was assisting him last July.

Top Pick Number Three: Point Break (2015)


I remember when I first watched the original Point Break when I was about 13- who doesn’t remember all the Keanu Reeves movies?!  You’ve got extreme sports of all kinds, FBI infiltration and all the heart stopping moments of Mission Impossible- Point Break take two is an easy peasy one for a present this year.

Top Pick Number Four: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Quite recently my husband sat me down and made me watch the original Mad Max movie with Mel Gibson. I really enjoyed it and I think that Tom Hardy in the new Fury Road has done an incredible job. It contains all the post-apocalyptic Australian madness of the original with all the up-to-date special effects of today’s cinematic experience. A sure winner for the Christmas stocking this year!

Top Pick Number Five: Black Mass (2015)

The last top pick for my Easy Peasy Gift Guide For Him is Black Mass. I am one of the biggest Johnny Depp fans you can find having watched nearly all of his movies (including some of the stranger titles such as Once upon a time in Mexico and Benny and Joon). Black Mass tells the story of Whitey Bulger- the infamous criminal turned FBI informant- who helps take down a mafia group. This one is definitely for all the festive thrillseekers out there!


I hope you enjoyed my Easy Peasy Gift Guide For Him!

I have one final thing to say and that is I’m here to give you some early Christmas cheer. I’m giving away all of the movies I’ve mentioned above to one lucky winner this Christmas so head over to my Twitter page right now and get all the details in the pinned tweet! Merry Christmas!

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Why choose L’Occitane for that perfect gift?

So we are all feeling that post-Christmas lull and are back to reality. We’ve got that January paycheck and we are already allocating budgets for those friends with February birthdays, Valentine’s Day and if you’re as forward thinking as I am, you’ve probably given a few thoughts to Mother’s Day in March too! I want to give you a little helping hand and answer the question-

why choose L’Occitane for that perfect gift?


L’Occitane has a very rich history; I’m talking heart and perseverance rather than papers. Celebrating their 40th birthday this year, they started out with one location in Provence (south of France) making traditional soaps in 1976 and within 2 decades had branched out to the Americas and to China. After this L’Occitane reached out to Europe and the brand now has an incredible 2700+ stores all over the world. Hard to think they just started from an old soap factory 40 years ago- I love it!

lip balm

So for Christmas just gone I received a shea ultra rich lip balm from L’Occitane pictured above and cannot sing its praises enough. The quality of the product as well as its delicate design definitely earns it a top spot in my everyday essentials. It is this dedication to its products which is why I have a penchant for L’Occitane, and I know that the perfect gift can be found if you are looking to get something meaningful for someone special to you. I’ve carefully researched L’Occitane’s gift section on their website and I have hand-picked a few of my favourites below –


Limited Edition Shea Butter Tin

shea butter tin l'occitane


This shea butter collection has your hands and lips covered during the cold and dry season. The nourishing power of shea butter is no secret, so why not gift a friend or loved one with this beautiful set for just £25


The Voyage Set for him

Voyage set l'occitane


For the gentlemen, we have the Voyage Set. It comes with the classic soap/shave/shower products that all men need to have them scrub up and smelling fantastic before a romantic Valentine’s date or night out. At the affordable price of just £22


Hugs and Kisses Set

hugs and kisses l'occitane


I had to have my favourite lip balm in here- seriously you need to get this as a gift and one for yourself too! This little set is perfect for Mother’s Day and the packaging is just lovely. For the smaller budget at just £16


The Cade Classic Collection for him

Cade Collection l'occitane


The Cade Classic Collection is the gift you want to give to indulge that special man in your life. Be it father, boyfriend or husband, this wood- scented gift set infused with juniper will definitely impress whatever the occasion. Priced at £48 but worth £65!


The Delightful Collection for her

Delightful Collection l'occitane


Last but by no means least is a best seller- the Delightful Collection. This set includes some L’Occitane favourites like the roses and reines shower gel and the ever popular shea vanilla hand cream. This gift is a star buy at £35 and contains 6 amazing products and comes with a cosmetic bag too

I hope that these little L’Occitane luxuries will help inspire you when finding that perfect gift for whoever you are buying for. Don’t forget to check out the L’Occitane website for even more gift ideas too!


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Getting cosy with Snows Curiosities

I’m really excited to introduce you to a brand new start up business called snows curiosities. I was thrilled when I saw the designer Shana post online about her homemade bracelets and I want to thank her so much for sending me one to review. I did a photoshoot this weekend to show you all about how I am getting cosy with snows curiosities in my bedroom, and thought that my new sheets provided the perfect cosy Christmas setting for this post (as well as my Xmas jumper!).
snows curiosities bracelet-6
Snows curiosities bracelets are a perfect gift to give as you can personalise them to say whatever you want. Of course I got one with my blog name ‘saharasplash’. The bracelets are made in Shana’s home in Kent from silver aluminium. The packaging is super cute and I loved the little bag and charm it came with.
snows curiosities bracelet-17 snows curiosities bracelet-18
As well as choosing whatever you’d like for the engravement, you can also choose the bracelet width. I loved shooting with the bracelet- the silver went so well with my grey Christmas jumper (from Amara Reya). Here are a few shots showing off my gorgeous new accessory:
snows curiosities bracelet-13 snows curiosities bracelet-12 snows curiosities bracelet-11 snows curiosities bracelet-8 snows curiosities bracelet-3 snows curiosities bracelet-2
Shana will be adding more to her collection very soon and you can get in touch with her on her Facebook page here to place your Xmas orders!
Each bracelet is just £10 which is a fab price for the quality and the personal touch you get with your bracelet. I hope you all will join me in supporting Shana with snows curiosities and get one this Christmas, for yourself or as a present too!
Saharasplash X
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