Brand new Botanics Collections

So the day of this event was one of the stupid crazy hottest days of the year. Even in the cab ride over with the AC full blast, I was seriously melting! The hot summer ride pulled up outside the venue in the heart of Soho, and I stepped into a magical scene filled with botanicals everywhere the eye could see. The exclusive range at Boots has had a drastic makeover and I’m here to share the brand new Botanics collections news with you!

You can search the hashtag #theplantone on social media for all the details, but I’ll fill you in on the main points. The Botanics brand focuses on natural skincare and using the power of plants to induce healthy skin. This new launch sees us celebrate five new collections which targets different areas of skincare:

Botanics- Organic
Botanics- All Bright
Botanics- Hydration Burst
Botanics- Radiant Youth
Botanics- Triple Age Renewal


I was shown round the display room and had a chance to sample, smell and learn about each of the collection’s unique properties.

This Organic green range is powered by Rosehip, rich in Vitamin C and Omegas 3+6

Not only were the brand new Botanics collections there on the day, there was also an Australian Yoga wear company called Dharma Bums showcasing their new plant inspired collection! They had a monogramming service too so I was so thrilled to take away my favourite pair of leggings with my initials. I tried them on over my bump and the stretchy material worked just fine.

Instagram: @Dharmabumsactive

I had such a fun time hand picking products from the new range tailored to my own skincare needs. I’m trying out:

Radiant Youth Microdermabrasion Polish: £9.99
Hydration Burst Cleanser: £6.99
Hydration Burst Day Cream: £8.99
All Bright Micellar Cleansing Solution: £5.49
All Bright Eye Roll-on: £11.99
All Bright Radiance Balm: £7.99
Organic Facial Oil: £11.49

The entire new range is available exclusively at Boots (on shelf) as of tomorrow and online as of today! Tailor make a skincare collection that’s made just for you via

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Thanks for reading all about the brand new Botanics collections. If you’re in the mood for one more post, definitely read the one where I went to a Magnum ice cream party!

Munchies at The Maynard Arms

This January has come and gone so fast don’t you think? We are already into month two of the year, and although there is a heavy load of stuff going on in the world (and social media) right now, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a little joy in the form of several courses of great food. The Maynard Arms has recently reopened its doors and I was invited along with a number of bloggers to see what they had to offer. So here is a little bit about my munchies at The Maynard Arms.

I went along with my good friend from Trousseau Diaries on a very cold evening, and due to strike action on this particular day we ended up being a little late. Nevertheless, the journey from Oxford Circus to Crouch End was relatively simple. We hopped on a bus at Finsbury Park and were dropped off outside the Maynard Arms Pub.

We met up with our host and other guests sat along a large wooden table and I quickly got my very own personal menu marking all the gluten free dishes – a very good selection!

Roast rainbow vegetable salad, lentils, goat’s cheese curd, tahini dressing

Ribeye steak, herb crusted bone marrow, mushroom tarragon duxelle, crispy potato cake

Flat iron chicken, broccoli spinach slaw, fries

These three dishes were so yummy. Goat’s cheese and spinach salad is one of my favourite combos out there and it led wonderfully into the juicy lemon chicken and perfectly cooked steak. Each dish had something very original about it, very ‘not your average’ pub dinner by any standard.

Lemon curd eton mess, roasted pistachio nuts

Oh my this dessert had all the spoons going in for the kill. Again, something you do not see as the usual eton mess is normally a mixture of red fruit, but it was amazing.

If you are looking for a truly sophisticated dining experience with a traditional, rustic space then munchies at The Maynard Arms is definitely in your future!

Saharasplash x

Thanks for reading munchies at The Maynard Arms, check out their Twitter page for the latest updates and leave a comment below if you’re planning on making a visit.

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Testing out Aviela Hair Butter

On the blog today I’m testing out Aviela Hair Butter. What is hair butter you ask? Well let me tell you! It’s a bit messy but super fun and you only need to try it once and you will love it. The brand is Aviela, and they are a great company founded by Patricia in 2007. She has a wonderful story to tell about why shea butter is so important. It has amazing properties if unrefined and it helped Patricia’s baby daughter (who couldn’t walk at 2 years of age) to regain the strength in her ankles by helping the cartilage to become less stiff. Shea butter is used in all Aviela products and is the heart and soul of the brand. Another thing is that all Aviela products are BUAV approved, none of it is tested on animals. Here’s what I tested out for myself:

Aviela Healthy Hair Butter



This fine product smells like citrus and coconut, I couldn’t wait to put it on my hair! The consistency is quite hard, like a wax, but as you scoop it out with your hands it gently melts and is easily workable into your hair strands.


The instructions say to leave on your hair for 30 mins before showering and shampooing off, so guess what I did to pass the time?!





I had such fun with that last shot 🙂

So it feels very greasy, naturally, so I would avoid laying down on any pillows while this stuff is in, of course you can remove it sooner than 30 mins too if you just can’t wait. After 30 mins I then took a bath to wash it all out, I continued with my normal shampoo and conditioner routine, and once towel dry I used my favourite Envy Professional Serum before blowdrying. Here is the result:



Fabulously smooth and totally nourished!

The Aviela Healthy Hair Butter retails at just £16 and you can get plenty of uses from just one tub. The range doesn’t sop there, Aviela has products from bath, body and skincare as well so you are bound to find the perfect product or gift online here.

I’ll leave you with one more fact about Aviela- it’s a word from Northern Ghana meaning ‘it’s beautiful’ and I certainly agree when it comes to testing out Aviela Hair Butter!

Saharasplash X
I received this product for free for my honest opinion and review