London Fashion Week Day Three

I hope you’ve all been enjoying my Fashion Week adventures so far, there are three more days to come and I have lots more content to show you! Fashion Week is something very special to me ever since I started blogging. I’ve met some lovely people and discovered some great designers over the past three seasons, and today I’ll be sharing more adventures with you. Here is London Fashion Week Day Three.

Outfit Details



I went for a monochrome vibe for day three and wore some washed out grey skinny jeans with a bodysuit from American Apparel. I stole my sister’s jacket and went for a high ponytail with a bright red lip. My bag is from Today I’m Me.

Something Unexpected


One of the things I love about LFW is that you never quite know what is around the corner, quite literally in this case! As I was headed to a blogger lounge, my Google maps took me past Soho Square where I stumbled across an outdoor exhibition by Malone. This was something unexpected yet totally fabulous.

Catwalk Highlights

Apu Jan





I was lucky enough to be FROW for the Apu Jan show. This was a brand new designer for me and so I went into the show pretty much clueless on what to expect. This turned out to be one of my favourite shows from the whole season. I loved the concept, the blue colours and the variety from the show. The music was so melodic which added nicely to the overall effect.

Oxford Fashion Studio

london-fashion-week-day-three-4 london-fashion-week-day-three-5 london-fashion-week-day-three-7 london-fashion-week-day-three-6 london-fashion-week-day-three-8

And now we come to a golden oldie of catwalk shows (well in my experience!). This is a series of designers who showcased as a part of Oxford Fashion Studio which I always eagerly anticipate. OFS select a brilliant range of talent and this season did not disappoint. Among the designers were April Banbury (first three dresses) and Ines de Luca (last shot). I also love the location where the catwalks take place each season- Devonshire Square. It’s so different and refreshing to not be in a building for a change!

Saharasplash x

Coming soon- Day Four so stay tuned!

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That Perfect Dress from In One Clothing

One of my favourite things to do on a sunny day in London is take a gorgeous dress out and take a million photos. So recently, that’s just what happened after I got in touch with Nicole, a London based photographer. This dress is a very special dress that I have been holding onto for quite a while now as I wanted to wait for the exact moment to show this stunner off to you all. The dress is a multi-way piece from In One Clothing, and I really do think that it is the perfect dress. Not only can you wear it multiple ways according to your mood and the occasion, it comes in the most vibrant colours too. Nicole and I had such a fabulous time shooting this sassy number in Holland park and so without further ado, here are the shots and three ways to wear that perfect dress from In One Clothing.

Look One- The Sexy Halter

That Perfect Dress In One Clothing-11

Nicole managed to capture the flowing material of the dress in this first look we went for. It has a plentiful supply to wrap around your waist and criss-cross over your back. I decided to tie it up twice at the front and leave the material to hang instead of opting for the bow tie effect.

That Perfect Dress In One Clothing-12 That Perfect Dress In One Clothing-18 That Perfect Dress In One Clothing-17

Look Two- The Belle of the Ball

That Perfect Dress In One Clothing

For this look, I simply untwisted the halter neck and let it fall around my shoulders. This look would be perfect to go dancing in as you sashay across the dance floor. I was amazed at how this one simple change completely altered the look of the dress.

That Perfect Dress In One Clothing-3 That Perfect Dress In One Clothing-7 That Perfect Dress In One Clothing-5

Look Three- The Fairy Nymph

Lauren-28We moved to a wonderful spot for these shots. Holland Park was so quiet on a Monday morning, we had no trouble finding many hidden corners and places to take these photos which turned out great! For this look I wrapped the lengths of purple around my torso from front to back and created a beautiful sweetheart effect. The material is so versatile there are countless ways to wear the dress, and it conveniently comes with a matching bandeau too so you can wear this underneath the dress or use it to help add another dimension to your outfit. Nicole came prepared and brought this stunning flower crown with her which made me feel like taking my shoes off and so I did these shots barefoot.


Lauren-29 Lauren-30


I took with me a contrasting blue satchel to match my blue nails, and I wore some white heels from Primark.

Lauren-20 Lauren-34

How amazing is this dress? I am so happy with it that my bridesmaids will all be wearing In One Clothing for my wedding in a lovely burgundy. I cannot wait to see how they each choose to style their dress up! I cannot recommend this brand enough, the quality is simply out of this world and the idea is a must for anyone wanting to please their bridal party! I’m so glad I found That Perfect Dress from In One Clothing and I have a feeling I’m going to need a few more of these to add to my wardrobe too!

Saharasplash x

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PR Sample

Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Haircare

I’m glad I had you all guessing about today’s post and it was really great to see what you thought this post was all about from my hints on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Now that you are here and ready to read, I’m talking about some new additions to the Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Haircare range! These include two insanely amazing products which I’m reviewing for you today plus one from the original release. I’m a huge fan of coconut and have done several blogs on coconut products from oil pulling to Palmer’s products, but I’ve never really blogged about haircare and coconuts. Until now!




First up, the CoCo LoCo Coconut Dry Shampoo



This is such a great dry shampoo I cannot recommend it enough. I love the smooth texture it provides when I spray this into my roots, and it’s not as powdery as other dry shampoos I’ve tried. The coconut scent is an added bonus so I can go around feeling like a tropical babe! This is available for £4.99 and the can is a good size so long lasting.

Now moving onto the CoCo LoCo CoConut Hairspray




Again this is such a great quality product which I use time and time again, especially when I want my hair to maintain its volume and bounce! I curled my hair using a curling wand and gave my springs a quick spritz with the hairspray. 5 hours later and not a single one had fallen out!
I also need to mention that this hairspray contains silk protein to reduce any frizz and also UV absorbers to protect your hair in the sun. Now isn’t this a steal at the price of £5.99 a bottle?!

Once more product from the Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Haircare range which I use all the time is the CoCo LoCo Conditioner

Coco Loco-2



I used this conditioner before styling my hair for the photos in this blog post and I think that my hair (although at war with my dark roots right now) is looking fabulous and so healthy. The conditioner works so well to maintain my natural oils and gives it that all important shine.


Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Haircare products are available to purchase from Boots in store and online so get browsing and go CoCo LoCo like me! 



Saharasplash x


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Drink No Evil Karma Cola

I was immediately drawn to Karma Cola drinks not just for their great design, but also because of the story that goes with the brand. Drink No Evil Karma Cola is all about doing good and enjoying some great drinks in the process. The brand currently has three amazing beverages for all walks of life, and I am in love with all of them! Let me tell you a bit more about them…


The Karma Cola foundation aims to produce fizzy drinks which stand for a cause. Every drink purchased helps a village in Sierra Leone, Africa and the proceeds help to support a number of Sierra Leonean communities by maintaining local areas to sending young people to school.


Flavour 1- The original Karma Cola

This is made from a cola nut (yes cola comes from a nut!) all the way from Sierra Leone. It has a unique blend including ginger and lemons which makes for a thirst quenching delight.


Flavour 2- Lemony!

This is a great mix of organic lemons and fair-trade sugar cane which makes the farmers smile. It makes its drinkers smile too as the lemon bursts out and hits all those taste buds.


Flavour 3- Gingerella

Gingerella is perfect for those wanting a fiery taste. It is quite strong and bursting with notes of vanilla and ginger.



Pour and Enjoy!

Here are some more shots courtesy of my sister Evie. You should get in touch with her here if you are needing a blogger photoshoot! She captured the drinks in action, which I’m sure you agree look so tempting during the hot summer season! We chilled the drinks before pouring each for a clean and refreshing taste…

DSC_0257 DSC_0263 DSC_0266

This cute pineapple glass is from Sass and Belle DSC_0271 DSC_0272

So good in more ways than one- don’t forget that the more drinks Karma Cola sells, the more help they can do! Why not join the Drink no Evil Karma Cola campaign and host a great BBQ with some amazing drinks for July?! These drinks are available to purchase at Waitrose right now

Saharasplash x

For tips on how to host your own party, I’ve got you covered in my latest post right here!


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petite model update

Petite model update!
I am absolutely thrilled with the response I have had over the past few months about my new modelling company: Petite Model Management
I have just completed the final test shoot and I am so happy with the results so far! I have a grand total of 19 girls ready to be signed in September.
I will be working with the models to build up their portfolios if need be and will be organising various shoot days so that we can all get together and have some fun in different locations around London.
A few ideas put forward already are:

Bath and flowers shoot

Calvin Klein wet hair shoot

Asian bridal style shoot

Alien makeup (inspired by the new Star Wars campaign for Max Factor)
I’d love to show you a few of the models on here, but for more please see the Twitter page here and the Facebook page here


img_7296 img_7286 img_7285 img_7106 img_7074 img_7007

If you would be interested in joining the petite model management team as a model, please submit a clear headshot with no makeup plus any work from your portfolio to

To be eligible you must be no taller than 5″7 and must be able to travel to London if you are invited for a test shoot. Size and age does not matter

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Photoshoot sneak peek- warning latex!

So yesterday evening I had the pleasure of working with Annie and Aleks as we did a last minute Photoshoot at my flat. I was wearing 2 pieces by a latex designer and we had such a great time!

My look was dark pink eyes and we recreated doll like poses. This was my first time wearing latex for a shoot, and although I struggled to get into it, it looked fab on!

img_7337 img_7336 img_7335

We used my living room and bedroom and did some elegant shots with light boxes. I wore my cherry Vivienne Westwoods for the final touch and left my hair down and loose. I don’t really wear pink clothes or makeup so it was a nice change as I wouldn’t have chosen to wear something like this normally!
I’ll be posting the finished photos up on my model page here and on my insta here over the next few days, so watch out!!!