My 2018 Destination Wishlist

You have to admit now that the snow has disappeared, the winter weather is rather rubbish. With a New Year looming and your Christmas bonus in your pocket, now is the time to chill out and start planning a perfect getaway. My 2018 Destination Wishlist will help you get started no matter your budget or preference. Holiday Gems has so much choice whether you are looking for the best flights or hotel spots. I’ve scanned the skies and found three destinations along with great times to fly price wise…

Destination: Dubai
Date: May 2018
Airline: Emirates
Price Per Person: £301.37

Dubai is the first choice on my 2018 destination wishlist. It’s a yearly tradition that Paul and I venture to the United Arab Emirates to visit our Godfamily and have a whistle stop tour of the beautiful Dubai city. I’ve picked out a killer deal if you decide to fly in May, and with Emirates Airlines you are bound to have a fabulous flight.

Destination: Golden Sands Bulgaria
Date: August 2018
Airline: Wizz
Price Per Person: £196.58

If Dubai is a bit out of your price range, I’ve found a lovely escape right on the coast of the Black Sea- Golden Sands Bulgaria. If you’re on a budget, Golden Sands is ideal for a romantic getaway for two- leave your worries and troubles behind and explore what Bulgaria has to offer.

Destination: Costa Dorada
Date: September 2018
Airline: EasyJet
Price Per Person: £47.94

This last destination is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It’s on my 2018 destination wishlist because one, I speak Spanish and two, I am dying to expose Alice to some Spanish/ Catalan culture next year. I can just imagine her trying to chat away and I can’t wait to take her abroad. Having said that, I must get her passport sorted!

Which destinations are on your wishlist for 2018? Check out all these places and more here via Holiday Gems!

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