About Me

Today I'm me_-16Hola!

Thank you so much for clicking the ‘About Me’ button which has brought you to this section. I’m loving that you would like to know more about where I am from and how I started. My name ‘saharasplash’ I get asked about a lot. I love alliteration and this is a name I have carried through with me ever since I created my first gmail account. I think my love of warm climates and splashes of colour sums it up succinctly. Saharasplash is unusual, small enough for a twitter handle, and someday maybe iconic. I am originally from Suffolk, and moved to London in 2014. This is where it all began.

So, the blog.
 Within a few months of moving to London the capital had seized me, and I needed to find a place to write and share all that goes on within the confinements of this crazy concrete society.

I get up to quite a fair bit on Saharasplash.com, I blog about Fashion, Beauty (and on YouTube), Gluten free lifestyle and most recently, parenting!


I shall leave you with a final interest of mine- languages. I’ve studied 7 different languages during my education and I will never grow tired of how language shapes the world. I want to be a part of it, and think that through writing we can reach out to every corner of the world.


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