A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the lovers and the haters

I really don’t want to put anyone into a category, much like with all things in life there is never a perfect rule- there’s always getout clauses and exceptions. Having said this, I do find that the majority of opinion on Vday is that you either love or hate February 14th. Be this a strong disbelief in the Hallmark holiday or the fact that you aren’t loved up, we all are unable to escape the annual occurrence. I for one look forward to Valentine’s Day each year, and part of this is because I have always had someone to share the day with- first my mum, then my sister, and then my relationships from aged 15 and onwards. I do often reflect leading up to the day on how I would feel if I were single- would I resent it? Would I still make an effort to celebrate with my family? Honestly, I’m not sure on an alternate viewpoint and a different reality, so I can definitely understand those who choose to pass the whole thing by. Whatever you choose, I’ve written a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the lovers and the haters. This means that this gift guide can be used for any day of the year, for any recipient and occasion.


You can tell a great brand by the way the product arrives. Perfectly boxed, wrapped and tied with a ribbon… GANT is just so good. The quality of this red and pink striped sweater is unreal and is going straight into my top 5. GANT is currently celebrating its 70th anniversary as an American Sportswear brand, so help celebrate with them and check out some of their new to die for Spring/Summer collection.

Prestige Flowers

Whether flowers are your thing or not, flowers can have so many meanings when you give them to another. A congratulations, a condolence, or just a sweet gesture you felt like giving, Prestige Flowers have a bouquet ready and waiting for any occasion. This specific bouquet is the Valentines 12 luxury bouquet which fit right into our living room with golden, warm tones.

Freaks of Nature Puds

A cute little dessert is something that brings me so much joy- so when I tried out the range from Freaks of Nature puds it filled a lovely hole in my heart and stomach. The range of gluten, dairy and egg free puddings are so yummy I didn’t want to share them with Paul or Alice! The sticky toffee pudding just melted in my mouth, so I urge you to try something rather special this month.

Jonathan Aston

Now I couldn’t help but do a little photoshoot with this next brand: Jonathan Aston. I have just started wearing suspenders again after what seems like almost a decade! But I really love how they work and don’t give you that tight tummy ache after having a band around your waist all day that come with regular hosiery. This seduction set (RRP £16) is such a perfect gift to reward yourself for working hard, or if you have someone in mind who you think would love a little gift like this.


My final item is so awesome I had to do two shoots- one with Alice and one with me! I’ve been waiting to showcase Zatchels on the blog for a while, so was really excited to team up with them for this feature. Pink isn’t my usual go-to colour, but this pastel micro satchel was calling to me, and Alice too! It’s the perfect size for a mini style icon…

For my photoshoot, we took to the woods and styled the bag up with a matching belt from e.buckled (my sister’s little business!) I just love how the bag is the perfect fit for my Olympus Pen camera 👌🏻

I hope that whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or not that you’ve found some new brands for your next gift giving sesh or for your own pleasure!

Saharasplash x

Thanks for reading a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the lovers and the haters, check out my latest review of Cosy Club’s latest Vegan and Gluten free menus!

Note: All items featured were gifted for my own personal review

Celebrate Veganuary at The Cosy Club

It’s a hard truth that the world we are living in is changing day by day. The amount of possibilities are endless in both positive and negative ways. With a changing society, it’s only natural that one of the most popular activities (eating out) is going to diversify to cater for more diets. This month thousands of us are trying out Veganuary, whether you’re already a vegetarian or just wanting to eat less meat. There’s a lot circulating around the fact that we should all be eating a more plant based diet and I wholeheartedly agree. So I’ve teamed up with The Cosy Club in Ipswich to give you a taste of the Vegan life.

Top: Shein
Skirt: Karen Millen
Shoes/bag: Vivienne Westwood

I had the gluten free menu as well as the Vegan menu to cross reference what was safe for me to eat being a coeliac. There were a few stand out choices and I eventually chose the Thai green vegetable curry with a side of sweet potato fries as I sipped on my virgin mojito.

* Note to make this dish gluten free it must be ordered without spring rolls

My sister ordered the Thai burger which also looked amazing…

*Note to make this dish gluten free just ask for a gluten free bun

We both chose spicy dishes so a second round of drinks were required! The curry and burger were lovely, just make sure you have some water on the table too 🙂

Now onto dessert…

This chocolate orange torte is both Vegan and gluten free- just the perfect end to a wonderful meal Vegan style.

Thanks to The Cosy Club Ipswich for having us. Why don’t you celebrate Veganuary at The Cosy Club instead of reaching for the regular menu next time you visit?

Saharasplash x

My latest fashion post ‘We never go out of style’ is ready and waiting for you!

We never go out of style

It’s so hard these days to determine what is fashion and what is style, and no, they are not the same thing. Fashion comes and goes as often as shop windows change their displays- what’s in one minute can be out the next. Style, however, is a much longer story. Style is something that you choose according to your personal preferences, and what suits your body shape/type/age. Of course we can’t all get away with a leather mini skirt- I think that day has sailed for me now! But that doesn’t mean I can’t wear something that makes me feel confident, sassy and at the end of the day, happy. I’ve called this post ‘we never go out of style’ and this sort of has a double meaning. One, I’m speaking about me, you, us- we never go out of style no matter what, it’s the decisions we make on a daily basis on what we wear that changes that. Two, I’m speaking about two prints that never go out of style, looking back through the past several decades- leopard and glitter. True, these used to be sewn a little differently into shoulder- padded jackets and halter neck crop tops, but you can still wear these two stylish prints that suit today’s world just fabulously.

The golden glitter jumpsuit

I am totally taking this golden glitter jumpsuit from Fredafunk with me into my 30’s. It’s such a striking jumpsuit that makes me want to dance every time I put it on. I actually wore a white jumpsuit to get married in, so maybe that’s where my love for jumpsuits started?! A golden glitter jumpsuit should be in every party goer’s wardrobe.

The leopard print dress

This print made its rise to stardom last season, and we are still seeing it everywhere so please don’t be put off from buying leopard print- as it will still be cool for many years to come! This floaty number from Fredafunk is not my usual style, but I knew it was a winner when I started walking and saw how amazing all the layers were to it. I wore a leopard print camisole underneath which sort of looks like a part of the outfit, but no. That’s style right there, being able to put your own spin on a dress that makes you feel more comfortable and confident in yourself.

What do you think to these two classic prints? Do you have any glitter or leopard in your wardrobe? Perhaps a glitter leopard print purse should be on your 2019 wishlist!

Saharasplash x

Thanks for reading we never go out of style, my first post of 2019! There’s plenty more where that came from, but if you’re not caught up with my latest, head over to read ‘Farewell 2018, thanks for the memories’.

Farewell 2018, thanks for the memories

As I reflect on the year about to be behind us, I cannot help but feel slightly cheated. I have spent the last few months fighting a terrible virus which has kept coming back in different forms. Needless to say, this is why I feel a bit miffed by 2018. On the other hand, despite the illness it has been another year filled with surprises, babies and of course blog posts. It’s been a joy to see Alice develop into a tiny person day by day and I feel really proud of my blogging achievements. I’d like to share a few December highlights with you to say farewell 2018, thanks for the memories.

It’s been a year filled with family for sure. And what better way to spend the Christmas period than eating your favourite food with your family. My sister and I had a wonderful lunch (with Alice too) just before Christmas and I dressed for the occasion in a jacquard jacket and glitter sock boots from Fashion World.

My Christmas wrapping experience was one of my most favourite to date. I’m a lover of wrapping presents, and to get properly in the festive mood I had a cute novelty robin dress, again from Fashion World. I wrapped while Alice slept, ate mince pies and watched Christmas movies- just perfect! Now this is where things went downhill as the big day approached…

Christmas Eve was sort of a write off as I came down with the flu and all my plans for the day went out the frosty window. I felt so awful not just health wise, but also for Alice as I couldn’t look after her, and for Paul who had to stay at home and help out. By the evening I pushed myself to bake some cookies with Alice as I had planned, but after that I was done. Christmas morning came, and the farm was covered in a dense frost that was just perfect for a wonderfully Christmas photo. Still full of cold, we went outside and got this beautiful photo. I felt better by the minute and we went on to have a peaceful day with lots of lemsip.

Just before New Year, we took a very long drive to Glasgow for three days to visit a good friend and have an adventure. Wearing another festive feelgood item from Fashion World, we hit Glasgow centre for all the fun we could manage.

We had the best time and rather fortunate weather too. We got Alice her first tablet for the journey back home (7 hours in total) but she was a star as usual- only three episodes of Wiggles required!

So, farewell 2018, thanks for the memories but not so much the illnesses! I hope your 2019 is prosperous, filled with laughter and great times shared with loved ones.

Happy New Year! Saharasplash x

Still feeling like you don’t want to let go of Christmas? Then head over to read about my festive meet in the South East

A festive meet in the South East

I am always thrilled to be invited along to events as a blogger, but when it’s a Christmas one, even more so. This time I got into my little orange Kia and headed to Colchester for the last SEBC event of the year. The South East Blogger Club is a great network to be a part of, and I’ve been to quite a few events now. Lots of brands new and old, read on to find out more about what happens at a festive meet in the South East…

I must say a big thanks to my mum for looking after Alice on nights like these. Taking just a shoulder bag and my camera out with me is such a novelty, and I felt as light and free as a bird as I entered Boadicea. 

I went downstairs to find a spread of tables and bustling conversations; I wasted no time as I introduced myself to the array of  brands.

Big Bobble Hats were showcasing for the first time at a South East blog event. Alice and I are very much into bobble hats, so these handmade designs were right up my street. 
Belicious Beauty are a relatively new business spanning areas of Kent and Essex. They work with freelance hair and beauty technicians and have created an app to match you up for a treatment. It’s really easy to use, I just know this will catch on in areas like London really well. 

Orthosole were back to say hello to bloggers new and familiar (like me!) If you are ready for the party season, your handbag needs to be equipped with a pair of these orthopaedic insoles, customisable to your footwear
and feet. 
I was also really pleased to see Shaken Udder again, and they have a brand new flavour which I just couldn’t get enough of- strawberries and clotted cream! 
The next stall that caught my eye was a brand called Logan’s Plate. Run by Tijani, a Mum of two, she provides a meal delivery service for babies and toddlers spanning the Romford and Essex area. We have just begun trying their wonderful tastes and flavours, so stay tuned on socials to see more soon. 
Lastly, I stopped by to see Luxurious Glitter. This glitter company uses an eco friendly glitter which looked amazing when I had some painted onto my cheekbones. We even spoke of a pregnancy collab for my next bump- could I start a new trend?! #Glitterbump
Perrywood Garden Centre were ready and waiting to send us home with these beautiful flowers, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect night surrounded by what I love doing the most- being a blogger boss! 
Thanks for reading A Festive Meet in the South East

Saharasplash x 

My big fat Christmas gift guide is ready and waiting for you- are you prepared for Christmas yet?! 

A trip to Paradise Wildlife Park

It’s not every weekend you get to visit a tiger, a monkey and Santa all in one go. The Schaefer family went on a trip to Paradise Wildlife Park recently in Hertfordshire and what a day trip out we had! Alice had her golden ticket in her hand as we entered a magical room full of activities. No waiting in lines with little impatient faces, we decorated baubles, gingerbread men (well, we ate marshmallows) and wrote a letter to Santa before we got called up by Santa’s helpers for our visit. 

Here is Alice’s first visit to see Santa, she was intrigued by the lights and by the man in red sitting next to the tree. She was quiet but such a good little girl, and seeing as she was on the nice list…

She got to choose her very own toy from Santa’s workshop! 

After a spot of lunch in the jungle cafe, we headed out to see what we could find. The Paradise Wildlife Park is a lovely size to venture round, not too big but plenty of things to see. Alice particularly loved the penguins and the meerkats! 

The park has an Australian outback section where we saw kangaroos and emus. 

We were able to get up close to so many animals like monkeys and even big cats too. 

A cosy cuddle with a polar bear! 

Thank you so much to the Paradise Wildlife Park for having us visit for the day, we have so many memories and will definitely be back for more!

Saharasplash x 

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