Smoothskin Gold IPL 12 week trial

Quite a while ago (3 months ago actually) I went to a Bloggers Ball. Now at this Bloggers Ball I met a wonderful range of people. Friends, brands and the usual. But one in particular stood out for me, and I was lucky enough to have been working with these guys over the past 12 weeks on a 12 week trial. I’m talking about SmoothSkin and their very popular hair removal device. So continue reading if you want to find out all about my Smoothskin Gold IPL 12 week trial…


I want to tell you a little bit about SmoothSkin. You can check out their website here and follow them on Twitter here. So how does the device work? So the IPL device uses intense pulse light technology to disable your hair follicle and prevent regrowth. Of course this doesn’t happen overnight which is why I’ve been doing a 12 week trial and the results are just fantastic. The SmoothSkin Gold is so simple and easy to use- you can use the glide mode on large areas like your legs, or single pulse for areas like your underarms or your bikini line.



Before starting my Smoothskin Gold IPL 12 week trial I read all the instructions and the manual cover to cover to make sure that I understood how it worked. Unfortunately this doesn’t work on extremely dark skin and is not recommended for red, grey or extremely light hair follicles becuase they can’t absorb the light treatment safely. It is perfect for brunettes and for those with dark hair like me.


There is a little light up bar system on the side of the device telling you if the area of skin is suitable. It’s best to hold it flat down instead of at an angle to make sure the target area is as good as possible. Once ready you look away as to not get flashed in the eyes (as that’s dangerouss!) and you push the button, et voila! Piece of cake. My legs usually take me ten mins to do, and bikini/underarms a matter of minutes so it’s easy to work it into a routine once a week.


Now I know you have probably seen a lot of people on TV getting laser hair removal and they are in a lot of pain. SmoothSkin Gold really isn’t that painful at all. You can control how intense you’d like the device to work as there is a soft mode too, but other than being a little warm for a split second, that’s it. There were no tears and no putting me off using this brilliant machine- and the results are just great. Before my 12 week trial I would shave my legs every time I washed my hair, so every 3-4 days. Now I’m finding myself not being able to remember the last time I picked up a razor for my legs which is amazing. My thicker hair on my underarms and bikini line is also improved, though the best results are by far with my legs.

I’m so happy to say goodbye to my unwanted hair after my 12 week trial, now I’ll be taking a break and seeing if my hair manages to stay away for my wedding next month!


If you’d like to try the SmoothSkin Gold for yourself, take a look at the website and see what happens after 12 weeks! Price wise the device ranges from £249-£299.

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