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This is so exciting, I’m sat breastfeeding Ethan writing this and cannot wait to get started with my rebrand, Changing Angles. As soon as I searched for the domain name and checked that all social handles were free to use, it made the decision to rebrand my blog a certainty. I’ve been struggling with the blog this year more than ever, and although the name I’ve made for myself in the industry has been the same for years, 2020 has most definitely brought about a year of great change. For the Schaefer family, we have moved home, had a baby and I turned 30, so why not completely rebrand my bizz at the same time?!

To be honest, the rebrand concept has not been hard, as I feel I have been slowly migrating towards body positivity for a while. Since being pregnant and having my body drastically change, now seems like the perfect time to get real and step it up. A new focus to my channels has given me a sense of relief and clarity I never thought I could achieve. I have received the most overwhelming response to Changing Angles so far, from family and followers alike.

I am going to be showcasing my passions for fashion, beauty, gluten free food, home and parenthood, but I want to be as genuine as possible for my audience, hence the slight change in angle. Now that I no longer have a nine pounder inside me, I’m pleased to be collabing with KatchMe Clothing. I want to be able to show you the clothes from every angle, and that means you get to really see what these outfits look like on my body…

I just love a lounge twopiece, and this brown, ribbed loungewear set from KatchMe is getting worn a lot. Posing is most definitely something I know how to do after hundreds of shoots over the years. One thing influencers and models do is lean forwards to get those good angles. Leaning backwards sticks that tum out! 

This grey set is perfect for yoga/stretching in my favourite spot. It’s so comfy and easy to wear around the house. Having a mirror here helps to see my poses and balancing. Each position offers a new angle depending on if I’m elongated or relaxed. I remind myself daily that all angles are valid.

I am living for this leopard print cardigan right now. It’s perfect for the change in weather and goes with just about everything I own. Huge pockets for keys and phones too! These two photos were taken one minute apart, I can’t do up my jeans just yet, and guess what? That’s ok! It doesn’t stop me from rocking this leopard print and feeling great.

If you’re always tired of only seeing the best angles on socials, give this blog post a share/mention/shoutout to your page and let’s spark a change for the better! 

Lauren x 

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