Alice’s Mini Style Icon 3-6 month update

Alice needs to stop growing. As a mum, I am finding the time flying by quicker than expected, which means I am constantly updating this child’s wardrobe! Pulling things out that are far too small and adding in gorgeous new outfits ready for the spring time. I thought I would show you Alice’s mini style icon 3-6 month update as she is now approaching 6 months- here is what she has been wearing!

We visited the wonderful Alveston Manor back in January- she looked sophisticated in this white jacket from River Island kid’s collection and was a perfect little lady down at dinner.

We call this next one her Mary J Blige outfit- the iconic draped hood from her ‘Just Fine’ video is encapsulated in this beautifully made two piece set, and it’s so soft too!

I can’t keep away from the slogan tees, as after all they are perfect for Alice’s Instagram page. Here she is wearing a cute tee and flared jean from River Island.

I know, this next one is pink, and I said Alice wouldn’t wear any at first- but she just wears it so well! This little jazzy number is a pale pink playsuit with a shoulder cape! I would so wear this if it came in a bigger size.

We have all seen that Alice is a total water babe, and she spends a lot of time in nana’s pool. We have bought several sized costumes for her so we are ready to go when she is!

Below is Alice’s very own personalised sleesuit from It says ‘Our first Mother’s Day, love Alice and Mummy 2018’. She wore this so well, and surprisingly can pull off a pale yellow despite her skin tone! We loved this cute little outfit and took lots of photos to document the occasion!

Pretty soon we’ll be onto her 6-9 month update, but that’s all for now!

Saharasplash x

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