Fantastic services saves the day

I’m sure I’m not the first to admit it on the internet, but being a mum is so damn time consuming! All the to-do lists I make at the start of a new week pretty much looks the same by the end of the week, that’s if I haven’t lost it under a pile of Alice’s washing. So you can understand, things start to fall down the priority list pretty quickly, especially household chores that involve a bit of hard work. This is where Fantastic Services saves the day, and boy did they deliver.

In case you’re in the dark about who Fantastic Services are and what they do, here’s a little info..

Fantastic Services (a domestic services provider) all began in 2009 with a meeting of two like-minded individuals, company founders Rune Sovndahl and Anton Skarlatov. They saw a gap in the market, combined their knowledge and expertise to create a marvellous business that now completes around 40,000 services each month! Serving London, South East and North West England, they really are a dream team that come to your rescue when you need it most- be it an oven clean or an end of tenancy blitz.

Now, try not to judge the oven in the ‘before’ pics… I know it was bad. But if you’re like me and just can’t stop watching those satisfying YouTube videos where random objects get cleaned up, you’re going to love this post!

So below you see a very dirty looking oven. This is a standard, conventional fan oven that clearly had seen better days, weeks and years!

The trays had become incredibly stained and we just couldn’t even begin to tackle cleaning it ourselves.

Our knight in shiny vehicle arrives!

The expert cleaners know how to do the best job without leaving a mess behind.

You aren’t ready for these results…

It was so shiny I had to take a selfie in my oven door! Clean and shining bright as if it were brand new again.

Fantastic Services kindly fitted us a brand new oven light too as ours didn’t work.

I’ve taken the liberty of merging the before and after side by side so you can really see the hard work and amazing service we received.

Someone was thrilled to take a peak inside our beautiful oven- and the best thing is you can use it straight away, no chemicals or smells left behind.

If you need to hire Fantastic Services for your oven cleaning, gardening or removal needs, head to their main website here.

Saharasplash x

Next up, how about a wardrobe refresh? Read my transitional style story blog post before you go!

Disclaimer: We received our cleaning service in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts my own. 

It’s a love hate relationship

Now you’re probably thinking that I’m going to be talking about a love hate relationship with a person in my life. Sorry to say nope! I don’t think I will ever use my blog as a platform to vent/ air dirty laundry about anyone in my life. I want to keep this a place about sharing my passions about my lifestyle and I am excited to watch it grow a few more branches this year. It’s a love hate relationship story with a particular colour- the colour pink.

I’ve had a bit of a break recently so this is sort of my comeback into fashion post, so it’s got to be strong. Which is why I’m sharing a few of my feelings on pink. Many of you who know me closely will laugh at how much I go on about hating the colour pink. I know, pink! I don’t really know where this comes from, but all I know is throughout my life I have had a real problem with the colour pink. Perhaps it’s a deep down rebellion for gender stereotyping, or perhaps it’s as simple as my own unique preference. Whatever the cause, I think that it’s rather odd that recently I’ve had a change of heart. Now I still cannot stand a garishly hot pink- it’s just not suited to my personality or my aura. But dusty pink or metallic pink- now that’s another story!

So I decided to embrace the change on this particular photo shoot in the heart of London shot by Ewa Piatkowska of Horaczko Photography.

Horaczko Photography

We had a marvellous morning selecting the locations. Ewa really knew how to capture the right moment and the shots came out so well!

Horaczko Photography

Horaczko Photography

Throughout the wardrobe changes I wore the same shoes, as these really are the perfect shoes to go with the pink! They are from Deichmann* and are a lovey nude suede boot with warm tones and a chunky heel. I felt great posing in them for the whole morning, and would definitely go from day to night wearing them!

Check out their range of affordable sassiness right here

Horaczko Photography

I’d like to thank Ewa and you all for being so patient while waiting for this post, and I really did enjoy being seen wearing pink for the first time in my adult life. It’s still a love hate relationship though, who knows what will happen next season!

Do you have a love hate relationship with any particular colour? Let me know in the comments below ?

*gifted product/ pr sample