Bloggers, Brands and Braids

Let me take you to a magical place, a place filled with so many bloggers, brands and braids it’s unreal. I’m talking about the Bloggers Hangout fierce fashion week that happened around this time last week at the ProVision studios in East London- my neck of the woods. This event was really special, and not just because I got to say hey to some of my fav bloggers and shake hands with some new brands. It was special because I introduced a very good friend of mine to the world of blogging (look out for her soon and follow her insta here!), as she attended her first offical blogging event. A second, one of my petite models walked in the catwalk!

BH logo

I have a startup petite agency as well as this blog and a full-time job, so this event really showed me how it could all come together into one and be successful. So let’s start with some of my top brands from the event- some I already knew about, and others were completely new to me:

BLFW Mar 2016-19

Amie skincare products are my new obsession. Their natural products suitable for sensitive skin as well as being cruelty free are so affordable and they are a part of my everyday routine now. I loved the scents of these fruity products and they made my skin feel so fresh and healthy right from the first use. I’ve been using them for a week now and I just can’t get enough. These are stocked in Waitrose and online here– I’m feeling a YouTube video is definitely necessary to show off how gorgeous this skincare set is!

BLFW Mar 2016-94

Next on my list are Magnitone. I was lucky enough to receive a Magnitone at last year’s hangout and it was great to catch up with them at this year’s hangout event. I use my orange magnitone at least twice a week in the shower and take it with me on my travels. It’s the perfect exfoliator and cleanser without having to use harsh products and scrubs to get that freshly-washed feeling. I can’t wait to try out the new head for it- the stimulator!

BLFW Mar 2016-35

I first discovered Thumbs Up products at the BPR press event last year. I have been wanting to try these cool kits out for a while, and so I was really pleased to see them at the event. The designer wraps are effortless to put on and file off the excess from the tops of your nails. And the patterns are too pretty! I trialed the ‘Lisboa’ wrap at the event and I came home with the zebra set (£6.99) to try. Keep watching as I’ll be wrapping and snapping very soon!

BLFW Mar 2016-96

A new addition to my contact book are Kenneth Turner. Although I had heard of them, I never really knew much about these guys until I got chatting to them last week. Their table was crazy busy all night, and for a very good reason! Bloggers were drawn to the glowing candles and the amazing aromas from where they set up. The decorations of frozen flowers were just fantastic! They have just celebrated their 30th anniversary for their original scent and are doing better than ever. They stock in Fortnum and Mason and I would really recommend their ‘Original’ scent if you’re a fan of cloves…. I am and now it’s all around my flat! Check out their website to see more.

Now onto the braids…

BLFW Mar 2016-100

A wonderful stylist (follow her here) called Amy works for Paul Mitchell who were making bloggers’ instagrams go insane that night. Amy is a braiding whizz and she had everyone lining up for a custom braid. I was the last blogger of the night to get a braid, and we went for a simple chunky style which I adored and is all over my instagram too! I have a bag of Paul Mitchell products I am itching to get trying and styling with so stay tuned for more hair madness…

BLFW Mar 2016-104 BLFW Mar 2016-108


And onto my star model Esther. She killed the catwalk in so many styles and I am so proud of her. A massive thanks to the Bloggers Hangout and Danielle especially for making this happen:

BLFW Mar 2016-7 BLFW Mar 2016-10 BLFW Mar 2016-46 BLFW Mar 2016-78

So all in all a truly sensational night. I have a lot more brands I am wanting to share with you too so I am saving these for another time!


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Blonde Hair Pale Skin – an incredible night!

I really have had an incredible few weeks recently with blogging. I have been to so many wonderful events and also had some fabulous experiences too. This post is all about blonde hair and pale skin as I visit RUSH hair and beauty salon and attend Em Ford’s fan event at YouTube headquarters all in one night.
I recently went to RUSH on Piccadilly Circus to have my hair done and after the incredible results I really wanted to do something with them again. RUSH have opened a brand new salon in West Hampstead and so I was invited along to their opening week to get my hair done. I tied this in with a very exciting event hosted by Em Ford of My Pale Skin Blog.
After work I headed to the new RUSH salon, it’s a 5 minute walk from West Hampstead station so really easy to get to. The salon is brand new and so classy. It is fresh and open  with plenty of space. I was greeted by the staff who took my coat and we discussed what style and treatment I was going to have. We decided on loose waves to go with my glam dress.
Blonde hair pale skin-2
The hair wash and treatment using the Kerastase products was divine. The treatment was massaged gently into my scalp, such a relaxing feeling! After this my hair was curled using the roll and pin technique. This gives the hair extra volume and bounce.
Blonde hair pale skin-3 Blonde hair pale skin-4
I had a lovely green tea, sadly no chocolate as it’s not gluten free, but RUSH really do go above and beyond when it comes to your appointment.
Blonde hair pale skin
Fluffed, prepped and dried I was ready to hit the city just in time for Em Ford’s fan event!
Blonde hair pale skin-5 Blonde hair pale skin-6
I was so thrilled to get an invitation to this event, I love Em and My Pale Skin Blog so this was turning into a very special night.
I arrived at YouTube space London just in time to get to Em’s Q and A where she answered all our questions about her blog and her skin progress. It was great to see her and how far she has come from such hard work. She is a real inspiration to the blogging I want to do and so I am looking to get stuck in and start doing some makeup and beauty videos on my YouTube channel very soon!
Blonde hair pale skin-8 Blonde hair pale skin-9 Blonde hair pale skin-10 Blonde hair pale skin-11
After Em’s Q and A I headed over to the makeup station. Guests could have their hair, nails and makeup done so of course I had to do my makeup!
Blonde hair pale skin-15 Blonde hair pale skin-16
I met a lovely mua called Aine, she did such a fab job, and here are the results!
Blonde hair pale skin-13 Blonde hair pale skin-14
It really was an incredible night which I won’t forget thanks to RUSH and Em, and to finish off here is a quick bathroom selfie!
Blonde hair pale skin-17


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Hooray for LaRoche-Posay

I couldn’t wait to hear the news that LaRoche-Posay was to hold an end of year Christmas party for us beauty bloggers. I missed out on their event earlier on in the year so when I received my invite I knew that an exciting evening was ahead of me after seeing the snaps from their previous event. I am thrilled to report all about my evening which really was an exquisite affair, so hooray for LaRoche-Posay!
 Hooray for LaRoche-Posay-12
My friend Lissa (Girl at the Rock Show) and Luisa (Eat Sleep Luisa Repeat) were also on the guest list, so we teamed up and met after work at the Carousel near Baker Street for the event. I had been following LaRoche’s successes ever since the launch of the serozinc range for acne and oil prone skin. The LaRoche team had some amazing new products on display for us to try, exciting times!
Hooray for LaRoche-Posay-4
The venue itself was stunning. Snow-topped forest pines surrounded the room and a festive feel was in the air. The products were displayed on crystal shelves and a dj supplied even more atmosphere. It was a small event but it felt really exclusive, something which I think is really important when planning events for bloggers.
Top marks for effort, presentation and food/drinks too! I enjoyed a non alcoholic mojito made with blueberries and elderflower and I had a glass of prosecco to wash down some gluten free tortilla!
Hooray for LaRoche-Posay
Sarah and the team gave a great welcome speech, and introduced us to Dr Tabi Leslie, an expert dermatologist who was on hand all night to answer any questions we had about our skin.
Hooray for LaRoche-Posay-7
The product of the night was the brand new Effaclar BB blur primer. The primer is different from others with its mousse-like texture and its ability to absorb sweat and oil/sebum. This translates to no more shiny face at 2pm in the afternoon! I have to say I’ve been using the primer every day now since the event and I’ve noticed a big difference. Before I used to have to dab my face with a tissue around lunchtime in the bathroom to get rid of my shine, but with the BB Blur on there is no need. Hooray!
Hooray for LaRoche-Posay-5
Back to the event now, I was really impressed with how things ran. I got to mingle with several other bloggers including Lily and also got to talk to the LaRoche-Posay team as they came round to us all. I loved this cute little post box too for an added festive feel. We wrote to Santa asking for something special, so crossing fingers he gets our letters!
Featured image, hooray for laroche-posay post box
We each got to take home a bag with the new BB Blur primer, the serozine spray and their new Hydraphase intense serum which was also showcased on the night.
Hooray for LaRoche-Posay-13
 Hooray for LaRoche-Posay-14
I want to thank the Dowal Walker team and LaRoche-Posay for hosting such a wonderful Christmas party, and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for us next year!
Hooray for LaRoche-Posay-11 Hooray for LaRoche-Posay-10
If you’d like to try the BB Blur primer it is on preorder now so get it here and save 1/3 off!
I thought I would also add a little video when I got home of me opening up my gift bag too!

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Bloggers Love Fashion Week

Oh my oh my. What can I say other than what a fantastic day I had at the Bloggers Love Fashion Week!

Organised by the bloggers hangout, the day featured 2 sessions (afternoon and evening) of networking and fashion shows.

I started by meeting my good friend Lissa of Girl at the Rock Show at the venue, The Oxo Tower. I had been there before for a Cosmopolitan event and love the place. It’s just perfect for pop up events with different stalls.
We started by saying hello to Paul & Joe who had the most gorgeous eyeshadow kitty strips, or as Lissa likes to call them, eye-pads! They are so unique, I’ve never seen anything like them before. Perfect for clutches if you don’t want to take out a bulky eyeshadow palette! These strips peel back and reseal so you never have messy powder in the lining of your bags!
Next, we went to say hi to Motel Rocks. This year Motel Rocks is fast becoming one of my favourite brands. I will be posting a Motel Rocks haul soon of things I’ve collected at two of their sample sales recently. I always get complimented when I’m wearing motel and so was delighted to see them at the bloggers love event with some pieces from their new collection. I’d recommend joining the motel family, it’s a way to hear about things first and have access to exclusive news and competitions.
I really could go on to write about all of the companies that were at the bloggers love event, but instead I’m going to pick my top 5. I will then be doing smaller features on the others over the coming months, as it will take a while to see results from some of the beauty products I want to try out.
Miglio were by far my favourite jewellery company at the event. The striking rose gold and silver bracelets caught my eye instantly and as I spoke to the reps I fell more in love. Miglio is a South African company and prides itself on empowering women around the world by offering them commission based jobs to sell the jewellery. The necklaces are similar to pandora, where you can buy separate pendants, clip them on, and you can wear the chain in many ways to match your look of the day/night in a matter of seconds. I am hoping to to on to use some of the pieces in a petite model Photoshoot later on this month!
Boadicea are a perfume company originating from Great Britain. As soon as I walked up to the table I could smell the oud, one of my favourite scents! Oud comes from the wood of the tropical Agar (Aquilaria) tree, believed to have originated in the Assam region of India. I picked out my favourite scent “Glorious” and was more than happy to take a sample away with me!
With Love Lilly were one of a few lingerie brands at the bloggers love event. Truth be told, I had never heard of them before but I am always glad to come across brilliant new designers. Each bralette was like a work of art, they used incredible colours and patterns to create the sets. My absolute favourite was the EVE set, picture below!
4. Tru Brit/ Little Ondine
trubrit_logo littleondine_logo
Now I feel I have to write about both of these nail polish companies, as they are both up and coming and different in their own way. True Brit London is great for flashy colours, and I had my nails done at their bar. 4 days on now and not one chip on my two coats. The colour was called ‘Heirloom’ and is a lovely warm metallic colour. In some lights it just looks silver, but in others almost rose gold. Pic below!
The Little Ondine stall is also one to mention. They have twin packs which come like this. I really liked the look of these, as they are a way of taking more options with you when you travel without having to worry about space in your makeup bag or having the weight of 4 different bottles. They also have an easy peel off function, so no chips either! My favourite colour on the day was Copper Spark.
magnitone_logo barefaced-orange-image-1
I think I’ve saved the best till last here. I had never heard of the magnitone before the bloggers love event, but I am so glad they were in the lounge with their amazing product. The magnitone is a sonic exfoliator which you use in circular motions on your face with your cleanser each morning and night. There are different options for different skin types, and the brush head needs changing every 3 months or so (much like your toothbrush) depending on usage. I loved the colour options and design of the magnitone. Although I have yet to use it I have spoken to other bloggers who have started using theirs from the event and all are crazy about it. I got mine in a wonderful pastel orange, and will be trying it out at the weekend, so I will do an update on how this goes next week!
I would highly recommend following the Bloggers Hangout for the latest news on future events, and also I would love to know your thoughts if you went to this event or have tried any of these products- get in touch! For now, have some more pics including catwalks! My pineapple bag was such a shout 🙂
p1120469p1120470 img_8007 p1120406 p1120439 p1120407 p1120430 p1120425 p1120409


My daily makeup regime – work

Hi all,
I’ve been thinking that I’ve done a lot of posts about events and photography, but I want to bring something about beauty and fashion to the table too. I thought that I would start with my daily regime Monday to Friday to get things going!

So I’m not really a morning person at all. I find it really difficult to wake my body up and raise myself into getting dressed. Once I’ve checked my emails and Instagram I manage to somehow get myself out of bed and to the bathroom, where I have my lovely box of beauty products to help set me up.

I start by using a vitamin C skin reviver from the body shop. This citrus wonder will brighten up dull skin and the smell is zesty enough to wake your senses up at least! I apply very small dots to my cheek, nose, chin and forehead and rub it in circular motions using my hands. This makes my skin feel energised and smoothed, ready for primer!
I use Laura Mercier’s tinted primer in Radiance with a brush and apply in strokes to my full face. This helps the foundation to stay on longer and it has a tinted glow so if I’m not using foundation this will suffice.


My foundation is Nars. I have recently made the switch from Mac to Nars. It wasn’t because I didn’t like Mac, I still use their other products, but I found that the colour didn’t quite match my skin tone well enough. After taking a trip to selfridges in August, I had the Nars counter match me to light 2 and I am much happier with the colour now. It looks more natural which is the look I love.


I apply the foundation with a Mac brush first to the full face, I dab it on, and blend in with a sponge. I get my sponges from poundland or cheapy stores, as they are £1 for 30 disposable sponges- that’s a whole month!

After this, I use the Nars vanilla concealer under my eyes and to any dark areas. I also use to highlight my nose and blend again with the sponge.



I’m not big on contouring, but I do like a bit on definition on my cheekbones. I apply a Mac cream blush shade bamboo to my cheeks with a Mac brush.


For lips, I love using just lip liner and gloss. At the moment I’m loving my Nars liner in Morocco and my gloss of choice is a French brand I got in my July glossybox called Délicieuse.





Eyes- urban decay 3 palette!

I apply the lightest shade to my lids, then just choose a random colour each day to go round my brow bone with. Some days it’s bright, some days dark, but all still natural and neutral perfection.


I use a benefit brow kit in dark to shape my brows and lengthen them at the ends. To finish off, I simply add some Mac powder to my nose and cheeks to help set the makeup, and I find that it doesn’t need any touching up throughout the day.



I’d love to hear what you think, if you use similar products or are looking to switch your regime up. Comment below!

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