The Dubai Series: Travel Essentials

Today’s Tuesday, and on Tuesdays we do travel essentials! Take a look at what I took with me to the airport in part two of The Dubai Series: Travel Essentials

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Just Bee drinks were my drink of choice for the journey to the airport. I couldn’t take it through security with me, but the green tea and lemon gave me just what I needed for the tube journey to Heathrow Terminal 5. The honey infused water is so refreshing, Just Bee are the perfect travel essential for a thirst quenching pick me up.


As a coeliac, I’m always looking for new snacks that are easy to carry around in my handbag. I was looking to take something easy along with me for the plane, and something tasty…
Snact are a wonderful company which I have blogged about before this year. They are 100% fruit and so naturally gluten free and vegan too. I took their brand new flavour with me-  apple, blueberry and banana which was amazing.
Next up for those sweet cravings are the wonderful Cocoalibre. These are a new brand I have just discovered, and just in time for my travel essentials! Also gluten free and vegan, this chocolate is super luxurious and was such a sweet treat high up in the sky! Cocoalibre comes in beautiful packaging and they really do go the extra mile for allergy sufferers with their chocolates.
cocoalibre frog
Of course we all know that your skin can suffer on longer fllights due to the change in pressue and the oxygen quality. So in my bag I had the perfect thing…
The Timeless Truth Travel Pack! This cute little travel pack is the real deal if you’re after a bit of pampering as you travel. The pack comes with three compartments, a makeup remover wipe, a cleanser and then a fibre mask. Timeless Truth think of it all with this star item!


TT tavel pack

Next up is another brand new discovery from Alpha-H. I took their marvelous Absolute eye cream with me on board as this realy helps to reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. I find that my eyes can get very puffy during a flight, so Alpha-H came to my resue!

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The last item on my list is something which I never knew you could take on a plane. This is Batiste dry shampoo. Of course, it has to be a travel size can, but this made my day when I found out I could take this little gem with me! I took the tropical spray with coconut scent.

So there you have it, Part 2 of The Dubai Series: Travel Essentials!


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If you missed part one, catch up right here with my travel preparations!
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10 Day Challenge with Timeless Truth Miracle Masks

Hey babes, I’m back! I had a wonderful Christmas break, and I’m sure you’ve been keeping up to date on my Twitter and Instagram whilst I’ve been away from the blog. I have a load of material for this January, including fashion, beauty and some gluten free tips too, but let’s start with beauty! I’m really excited to start 2016 off with a project I filmed while I’ve been on the ‘bloggers break’. I’m here to tell you all about my 10 day challenge with Timeless Truth miracle masks!
I met the TT team at the bloggers hangout last autumn and I fell in love with their bee venom mask. Timeless Truth have award winning masks from both the 2014 and 2015 Beauty Awards and they have been seen in Glamour and Vogue magazines.
They have a wide range of masks filled with active ingredients and each mask is used for different purposes depending on what you prefer. I chose the bee venom and royal jelly mask for its rejuvenating properties and its ability to promote collagen production- in essence it’s a great mask choice for anti-ageing!
I decided to use my 5 masks every other day, and I filmed my journey for you all to see how I got on (video at bottom of post!)
Here are a few snaps from my experience, I had a great time doing the challenge with the Timeless Truth Miracle Masks and I kept things interesting by changing the mask temperatures and also trying out the masks in different environments to show you their versatility- whether in bed, on the couch or in the bathtub you should really give these masks a ten day trial too!
Timeless Truth Mask challenge saharasplash-2Timeless Truth Mask challenge saharasplashTimeless Truth Mask challenge saharasplash-4Timeless Truth Mask challenge saharasplash-7Timeless Truth Mask challenge saharasplash-9Timeless Truth Mask challenge saharasplash-10
You can buy the Bee Venom pack of 5 right now for just 38.50 here!
Check out my video below to see the masks in action and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel too- I’m doing a lot of giveaways right now to say thank you to all my readers and subscribers so let’s start 2016 off with a bang!!!

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 I received this product for free for my honest opinion and review