Welcome 2015!

Ok so it’s been a great start to 2015, super busy, even more busy than 2014! I am continuing my London journey, making memories, meeting photographers, fashion addicts and other bloggers too which is great.

I would love to share some photos I did towards the end of 2014, this was based on a great mood board and I had an amazing MuA to help create these striking looks. I went on to use the orange wig for a Fifth Element cosplay! The. Co-ord set is from pretty little thing, a recent find I am really loving! I’m hoping to share lots more with you over February, here are a few things I have lined up in the coming weeks: (there may be a slight theme!)

Cosmopolitan lingerie event, Bloomsbury ballroom

50 shades of Grey Premiere

Anything but Grey night sponsored by Allura Latex, Vollers, Coco de mer and many more (my very first catwalk!)

Game of Thrones exhibition (because I have to)

Looking forward to my ventures, and hope you are too- stay tuned!

Saharasplash x

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