What’s inside Brick Lane’s Jewellery Box this season

I always love following bloggers on Twitter. In my opinion Facebook is becoming more obsolete, and even though Instagram seems to be king this year for sheer number of users, Twitter remains to be my strongest social media site above all others. I am always searching through hashtags on Twitter such as #blogger #event #london, and this is how I found out about the Jewellery Box blogger event organised by Scarlett London. I’ve written this post with all you jewellery addicts in mind, so read on to find out what’s inside Brick Lane’s Jewellery Box this season!

Jewellery Box_

Scarlet London never fails to put on a great event, and always thinks of every last detail to make it special for the brands involved and the bloggers. I usually go to events with other London bloggers, but due to unavailibilities I decided to take my partner Paul along. Just what every man wants, to be taken to a jewellery shop!

We actually had a really good time, he likes taking photos and so with my new camera in hand he was away! And the results aren’t bad :p

Jewellery Box_-4

So the store is located on the trendy side of London in Brick Lane. We headed over there after work and almost missed it going past on the other side of the street. It’s just on a corner on the right hand side, and the place looks just as inviting from the outside as it does on the inside.

Jewellery Box_-3

The store has a lovely glow to it, and even though it’s a quaint little place, it is full of plenty of finds which will have you browsing for hours for yourself as well as looking at gifts for others! I got talking to a lot of other bloggers there, including Maryam and Steph who are just lovely. We will be working on some projects together in the new year so very excited about that!

Jewellery Box_-19

We were greeted by the wonderful staff of Jewellery Box on the night and given goody bags to take home. Each bag had a lovely charm inside and we got to hand stamp our initials onto the charm using a presser, such a sweet gift idea!

Jewellery Box_-8 Jewellery Box_-9

I picked up several rings which you can see below, one rose gold, the other a twisty silver and then a snake ring, plus I had to get some of the gorgeous rose gold snowflake earrings too. These were such a bargain at £3.60! The prices at Jewellery Box are really good, yet the quality of the products does not reflect the price at all. Each of the items I’ve bought are super fine and look like they will last a lot longer than Primark!

Jewellery Box_-5Jewellery Box_-15

The Christmas music was playing, the drinks were flowing, and so we ended up taking around 300 photos! It was so hard narrowing down to just a few for the blog, so I hope you take a trip down there yourself to see many more things other than the photos you see on here.

Jewellery Box_-17 Jewellery Box_-11 Jewellery Box_-12 Jewellery Box_-21

Maryam and I were featured on Jewellery Box’s Instagram page this week, how exciting! Check the snap out here.

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