Getting fit on demand with ESquared

I don’t know about you but I find it extremely hard to commit to a gym. It’s not just the motivation, but also the fact that I am never in one place long enough to ‘get my gym on’ on a regular basis. I’ve failed miserably at subscribing to several gyms when I was at uni and also when I moved to London, so a new found app called Esquared has got the solution to help a girl just like me.

The Esquared app lets you get fit on demand, no strings or memberships attached. It’s as simple as click and go whenever you want, even if for just one class or session. There is no monthly fee, just a one off cost to enjoy a gym/fitness/yoga sesh near you, and trust me it’s amazing.

The app works around Greater London to help you book onto a class or gym floor with minutes to spare, I booked mine 15 minutes before arriving at the Quad Health Club and Spa inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel. You can also book in advance too, but the idea of the Esquared app is fitness on demand, and that’s usually for the fast-paced lifestyle!

Paul and Alice set up in the hotel bar and enjoyed coffee and crackers while I went off to work out. I say work out lightly, as my body is still quite fragile and I wanted to work myself slowly into some cardio. I started off stretching on the gym ball- something I’m very familiar with since becoming pregnant.

I then decided to head over to the cross trainers to do a simple 15 minutes mixed with high and low intensity. It seemed so much longer than I remembered it, but with TV screens and a beautiful window looking out onto the docks, I managed it. I burned about 85 calories which was a lot more than my body has been used to burning, so I felt happy with my little triumph.

I went back onto the floor to continue with some ab and core training, I had picked up a lot of my moves from previous Pilates and Pole Fitness classes back when I was living in London full time.

Sufficiently sweaty, it was time to change and get ready for a more relaxing scene…

I was so excited to find a gym, health club and spa with the Esquared app that I never would have discovered before. This one is located near Royal Victoria, so really easy to get to from where we are, even though we live outside of London.

Getting fit on demand with Esquared is the way forward for me along with home exercise. Would this app suit your lifestyle? Find out more on and download the app for Apple here and Google Play here.

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For even more London adventures, find out what happened when I went to The Berkeley Hotel for a gluten free afternoon tea!

Invite to afternoon tea at the Berkeley with Sexy Hair

When I received an invite to afternoon tea at the Berkeley with Sexy Hair, you can imagine I had a lot of things going through my head. First- oh my yes indeed, second- oh no what about baby. Fortunately, my super duper husband was on hand to not only drive us to London, but take care of Alice while I ate a load of cake. For those of you who don’t know, Alice is a 100% breastfed baby, and although this makes me really happy, at times it’s difficult to go anywhere without taking her with me.

So, we arrived as a family and discovered the Berkeley had the most fanciest changing facilities ever- like even more fancy than our own changing station. They provided nappies and a beautiful little room big enough for all three of us to do what we needed to do before we parted ways.

Moving onto the event itself. I blogged about Sexy Hair last year (which you can read here) and cannot believe it had been a year since the last event. I’d just found out I was pregnant and now I was back again, without baby inside me, but still with one hell of an appetite!

Look who I bumped into as well- Nishi V! This was the first time meeting Nishi face to face, though we had spoken online for quite some time!

A fabulous array of gluten free treats were laid out at my table place. I always go crazy over good gluten free afternoon teas and The Berkeley didn’t disappoint.

So the cakes and biscuits had been especially designed around the latest fashions of the SS18 winter collections. Hints of Gucci can be seen in the chocolate parasol and edible sugar flower and a special white chocolate and orange ganache was made with sexy legs on top!

My favourite dessert was the Dolce and Gabbana inspired sponge with chocolate rainbow discs.

Just look at that pink mirror glaze- perfection!

Hair expert Ross was on hand to talk us through all the latest products in the Sexy Hair range, and we took home a selection to try too! 

I have been loving this leave-in treatment, Soya want it all! Available on Beauty Bay.

Thanks for reading my invite to afternoon tea at the Berkeley with Sexy Hair!

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Summertime wish list from Simply Beach

I know summer feels like a long way off when we are dealing with weather that should be kept only for December days, but hey I thought I’d bring something different to the blog this week. Although we aren’t taking a trip away on our annual Dubai holiday this year, we are in fact spending a lot more time by the poolside now that we have access to one at nana’s house (see here for my post all about the new digs). I’ve created my own summertime wish list from Simply Beach, the only place you need to find the best swimwear on the market.

Let’s start off with this gorgeous camo bikini from Vix. I’ve been adding a few camo pieces to my wardrobe here and there (and Alice’s too!) so there’s no reason why I can’t have a camo bikini set right?!

For a more modest look, but still stylish as hell, I’ve opted for this monochrome croptini and brief set. This is by Freya, which stocks up to size FF for all the beautiful busts out there.

More styles are ready and waiting for you too. You know your body type so make sure you check out all the brands online!

I’ve chosen three swimming costumes built for showing off curves. All of these are just stunning and I can totally see myself rocking all of them this summer. The pink stripe comes in at £90 from Ted Baker, the middle in striking blue is from Gottex for £97 and last is a underwired slate grey stunner from Jets priced at £165. It’s well worth investing in a great quality costume that looks good and feels amazing too.

Now you can’t make it to the beach without a statement tote- here are my top three on my Summertime wish list from Simply Beach. All these bags are Seafolly bags, and come with a top grade recommendation from yours truly. The sage and gold bags with nautical rope handles are just £36, and the middle raffia design checks out at £72.

Finally, the shoes! I’ve got three pairs to match the bags above however you like- they are all just waiting to be worn on a bright, sandy beach this summer. The brown flip flops are Melissa Odabash, the gold espadrilles are Seafolly, and the leo prints are from Watercult.

All these gorgeous wish list items can be found on Simply Beach right now, so what are you waiting for? Go create your own summertime wish list from Simply Beach today.

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She’s a real life merbaby

It is no secret that baby Alice is most definitely a water baby. She was born into a birthing pool at Addenbrookes, and now five months down the line, we are swimming all the time. Every time we bath her before bed, she is happy to take a dip and get wet from head to toe- and she makes some darn good splashes with her legs too! She’s a real life merbaby, and I’d love to share some useful products we keep close by for when it’s swim time:

Alice has a collection of costumes, but these happy nappies seem to be the easiest we have found, and the prettiest too! There’s lots of designs to choose from on the website.

Simply Swim Splash About Happy Nappy

Splash About Fings

Such a great little invention, here is Alice proving she’s a real life merbaby with stacks of confidence as she balances on her front using the Fings flotation aid. She uses the small Fings suitable from 3-15 months.

She loves gliding through the water by nana and auntie! Holding onto her hands, she is simply loving to float around and kick her legs. This is such a great way to tire her out, and a sure fine way to guarantee a long nap!

Simply Swim offer so much more than kids swimwear- they have a lot of adult sport and fitness ranges too including women’s swimwear – below is my top pick from the range – the storm booster back one piece.

Do you agree that Alice is a real life merbaby? I give it a few more months and she should be ready to take her first strokes all by herself!

Saharasplash (and Alice)  xx

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Moving house with a baby is hard!

Since December I have been heavily involved in moving my Mum into her new house. For those of you who haven’t seen, my new house, new home for mumma post is right here for the before shots of the house. This house is only 5 minutes down the road from the old one mind you, but don’t think that this has made life any easier for us- moving house with a baby is hard!

My bedroom from my adolescent years has seen a lot of things come and go. Fashion, accessories, books and DVDs – yes I was a huge collector. It was definitely time to sort through my massive collection of keyrings and countless (yet now obsolete) electronic devices such as a portable DVD players, 3 laptops from 15 years ago and several out of date digital cameras.

Moving house is a mammoth task all by one’s own self, but throw a baby into the mix, and the task somehow gets very daunting and excessively drawn out. I’ve been going through my dated wardrobe, opening drawers I haven’t looked in for years little by little, and only now am I finally seeing an end in sight. I have a huge box for charity filled with trinkets, candles and such, but I also have a fair few boxes packed up for Alice when she is a bit older too.

This week I went through my entire book collection- about 15 copies of Twilight which I am not ashamed of at all- and moved over what seems to almost be the last of the possessions. They don’t have a home yet in our new bedroom, so at the moment they are residing on my mother’s living room floor- bad I know! Here’s a couple of shots of the tidy places in the new house!

So, moving house with a baby is hard! Almost too hard it seems now we are months down the line, and my sister’s bedroom is even more of a mess than mine (no surprise there). We’ve had a number of helpers, friends and family, to try and ease the load for us but we still have a long way to go. The dreaded loft will be opening its trap into a black hole of clutter from about 3 decades past, and I just know it’s not going to be a fun task!

If you are moving house and have a baby with you, I highly recommend you look into getting some outside help, like from They offer quick and friendly house and office removals and removal with packing service too! I genuinely think that one doesn’t know the depths to which their household goes until it’s too late, so think smart and get some professional help for your house and for your own peace of mind!

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Thanks for reading moving house with a baby is hard! Go check out Alice’s mini style icon 3-6 month update HERE.

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Alice’s Mini Style Icon 3-6 month update

Alice needs to stop growing. As a mum, I am finding the time flying by quicker than expected, which means I am constantly updating this child’s wardrobe! Pulling things out that are far too small and adding in gorgeous new outfits ready for the spring time. I thought I would show you Alice’s mini style icon 3-6 month update as she is now approaching 6 months- here is what she has been wearing!

We visited the wonderful Alveston Manor back in January- she looked sophisticated in this white jacket from River Island kid’s collection and was a perfect little lady down at dinner.

We call this next one her Mary J Blige outfit- the iconic draped hood from her ‘Just Fine’ video is encapsulated in this beautifully made two piece set, and it’s so soft too!

I can’t keep away from the slogan tees, as after all they are perfect for Alice’s Instagram page. Here she is wearing a cute tee and flared jean from River Island.

I know, this next one is pink, and I said Alice wouldn’t wear any at first- but she just wears it so well! This little jazzy number is a pale pink playsuit with a shoulder cape! I would so wear this if it came in a bigger size.

We have all seen that Alice is a total water babe, and she spends a lot of time in nana’s pool. We have bought several sized costumes for her so we are ready to go when she is!

Below is Alice’s very own personalised sleesuit from It says ‘Our first Mother’s Day, love Alice and Mummy 2018’. She wore this so well, and surprisingly can pull off a pale yellow despite her skin tone! We loved this cute little outfit and took lots of photos to document the occasion!

Pretty soon we’ll be onto her 6-9 month update, but that’s all for now!

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