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This is so exciting, I’m sat breastfeeding Ethan writing this and cannot wait to get started with my rebrand, Changing Angles. As soon as I searched for the domain name and checked that all social handles were free to use, it made the decision to rebrand my blog a certainty. I’ve been struggling with the blog this year more than ever, and although the name I’ve made for myself in the industry has been the same for years, 2020 has most definitely brought about a year of great change. For the Schaefer family, we have moved home, had a baby and I turned 30, so why not completely rebrand my bizz at the same time?!

To be honest, the rebrand concept has not been hard, as I feel I have been slowly migrating towards body positivity for a while. Since being pregnant and having my body drastically change, now seems like the perfect time to get real and step it up. A new focus to my channels has given me a sense of relief and clarity I never thought I could achieve. I have received the most overwhelming response to Changing Angles so far, from family and followers alike.

I am going to be showcasing my passions for fashion, beauty, gluten free food, home and parenthood, but I want to be as genuine as possible for my audience, hence the slight change in angle. Now that I no longer have a nine pounder inside me, I’m pleased to be collabing with KatchMe Clothing. I want to be able to show you the clothes from every angle, and that means you get to really see what these outfits look like on my body…

I just love a lounge twopiece, and this brown, ribbed loungewear set from KatchMe is getting worn a lot. Posing is most definitely something I know how to do after hundreds of shoots over the years. One thing influencers and models do is lean forwards to get those good angles. Leaning backwards sticks that tum out! 

This grey set is perfect for yoga/stretching in my favourite spot. It’s so comfy and easy to wear around the house. Having a mirror here helps to see my poses and balancing. Each position offers a new angle depending on if I’m elongated or relaxed. I remind myself daily that all angles are valid.

I am living for this leopard print cardigan right now. It’s perfect for the change in weather and goes with just about everything I own. Huge pockets for keys and phones too! These two photos were taken one minute apart, I can’t do up my jeans just yet, and guess what? That’s ok! It doesn’t stop me from rocking this leopard print and feeling great.

If you’re always tired of only seeing the best angles on socials, give this blog post a share/mention/shoutout to your page and let’s spark a change for the better! 

Lauren x 

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The specialbuy from Aldi is back!

You heard it, the Aldi specialbuy event is back on in store and online right now. I always love covering this event and firmly believe that Aldi is the top store when it comes to essential and affordable baby and toddler products. I have discovered so many gems from the seasonal specialbuys, so here’s what I’ve got and recommend this time…

The Lacura range is always a part of our bathtime routine. Although the strawberry is my favourite scent to wash my daughter’s hair with, we are going to be trying out the lemon and tea tree oil for a zesty change.

Lacura 3 in 1 conditioning shampoo: 79p

Aldi kindly gifted us these products to try out, and we also received a towel bundle, some lovely bibs, books and the most adorable set of trainers below!

Hooded towel/wash mitt set: £3.99
Pack of 3 bibs: £2.99

These shoes are in the specialbuy event for just £5.99 and come in pink or blue. Alice just couldn’t wait to get these easy slip-ons on her little feet.

Sound books: £1.79
Trainers: £5.99

Alice is wearing size 18-24 months and we are going to be wearing these all summer long I can tell.

One thing I spotted online that I definitely need to pick up is this gorgeous Koala SureGrip Mat by Nuby. It’s just £6.99 and just love how you can store different things in the face and ears!

What will you be getting in your local Aldi this week? If you don’t have one nearby, then head over to their website to see it all.

Saharasplash x

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Why this week will be special

There are many reasons as to why I wanted to write a post about this particular week. As many of you will know, the UK celebrates Mother’s Day this Sunday- the adverts are on our screens, display windows are filled with reminders, but I can’t help feel torn about the holiday. I am excited as a mother and being able to spend the weekend with my own mum, but there is a part of me that wishes my mother-in-law, Iris were here. My heart also goes out to many people I know who have lost mothers and female figures in their lives, as it can’t be easy during this season.

I am going to make this week special by dedicating it to all the women who have had a positive impact on my life, for however long or short. My mum being the biggest impact will be getting a few surprises, and we are going to start off the weekend with a three course meal from a local pub in Suffolk (more details to follow!)

This week will also see a lot of pampering with the help from Nivea (items pictured were gifted), a brand super close to my family. My sister never goes without the Nivea daily face cream and there is always a plentiful supply of lip balms and bath products stocked at my mum’s house. I am taking over a few new products like the Rose & Argan Oil Lotion and the Hyaluron Cellular Filler. Sharing is caring, and we share a lot between my nan, mum, sister and I. Generations of love and care really resonates with the Nivea brand, and I am lucky to be able to have such a strong female surrounding still as I am reaching my 30’s.

What is your favourite Nivea product, and which lovely lady would you share it with? Let me know in the comments how you will be celebrating or remembering this week- whatever way, make it special.

Saharasplash x

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Husband Takeover – The Blue Edit with The Idle Man

Oh my word, can you believe what is going on outside this week? For us brits, the Beast from the East has hit home hard and we aren’t going anywhere until it passes! Well, we did manage to make it to the back garden to take some great photos in the snow. It’s time for my next Husband Takeover – The Blue Edit with The Idle Man.

The Idle Man (@Idle) is a fantastic men’s fashion retailer with hashtag #StyleMadeEasy. The concept is all about minimal yet modern looks and we were so up for working with the brand, that is my husband and I. Paul rarely throws any of his clothes away until they are threadbare, crumpled messes- socks especially! So we had a little wardrobe cleanse to see in the new year, and something blue decided to become the theme of this takeover.

This navy bomber jacket with black fleece collar detail works so well to protect Paul in the -4 degree chill.

I love how Paul looks in blue, it’s definitely his colour. Above he is wearing the Borg bomber jacket, classic long-sleeved t-shirt and slim fit stonewash jeans from The Idle Man.

There’s no problem with wearing blue head to toe as long as you choose different shades. Dark jacket with light jeans and vice versa. Now onto the second look:

We fell in love with this stonewash denim western jacket- it really works with Paul’s playful style and his inner childhood cowboy!

The Idle Man, stocks everything from jackets and jeans to trainers and t-shirts and is a real go-to destination for men. Alongside the online shop, The Idle Man Manual is a blog dedicated to offering style advice as well as stories and guides about music, grooming and lifestyle!


Saharasplash & Paul x

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