You don’t know me | Jawbreaker Clothing

I have been meaning to do this post for a while now. I have had such an incredible start to the year and have worked with some fabulous brands from Colette Green to Kent and Fraser, but I want to show you that I have many more sides to me than what you’ve seen so far. I have shown you my love for brands like Karen Millen and Boohoo, but I have a darker side also for brands like Jawbreaker. Here is something a little different to show you that you don’t know me… just yet!
Here are some facts which I haven’t mentioned on my blog to start things off:


1- I am a massive sci-fi fantasy fan. Everything from the latest Marvel movies to old school Star Trek.
2- I have an Astronomy GCSE. I love the stars and I also know why they twinkle… scintillation!
3- I have a darker side. This includes loving vampyric mythology and gothic trends, and so this is what inspired my brand new hairdo and wanting to work with Jawbreaker Clothing! 


Jawbreaker are an alternative clothing brand who I had the pleasure of meeting at this years London Edge show. I love how their clothes are aimed at all ages and they have a real variety which includes bright designs like this Mexican Skull bag or more traditional gothic styles like the Silencio Dress.
I really wanted to time this post right as I think it really ties in with my new hairstyle. Paul and I took a trip on a bloody cold Sunday afternoon to the rooftops of One New Change which gives you stunning views of the London City skyline and is pretty darn close to St Paul’s Cathedral too.
You don't know me Jawbreaker_-11 You don't know me Jawbreaker_-12 You don't know me Jawbreaker_-13 You don't know me Jawbreaker_-17 You don't know me Jawbreaker_-18 You don't know me Jawbreaker_-16 You don't know me Jawbreaker_-14 You don't know me Jawbreaker_-19 You don't know me Jawbreaker_-20

Above I am wearing the Wild Idol Vest from Jawbreaker and have paired this gorgeous vest top with some wet look leggings from Black Milk Clothing and the best faux fur jacket from Forever 21.

Below I am wearing Spin Your Web Top which I wore out to London Edge and also before I had my hair done! The lace up detail at the back is just divine.

You don't know me Jawbreaker_-7 You don't know me Jawbreaker_-8 You don't know me Jawbreaker_-10
We know we all have a wild side to us, and I hope that this post and the Jawbreaker brand has shown you that it’s ok to go with different styles. Be a chameleon with a hundred different looks and passions.
That is why you don’t know me and why you should stick around to see what I do next!


Saharasplash x
I received this product for free for my honest opinion and review